New Orleans 5, Buffalo 4

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Cutnpaste: – Angel Pagan, Chris Young, Bobby Valentine, Sandy Alderson, Carlos Beltran





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Mack Mock Draft v10.0 – The First Ten Rounds

1. 3B Anthony Rendon
2. RHP Gerrit Cole
3. LHP Matt Purke
4. OF George Springer
5. RHP Taylor Jungmann
6. OF Bubba Starling
7. RHP Sonny Gray
8. RHP Matt Barnes
9. OF Jackie Bradley
10. LHP Daniel Norris
11. RHP Archie Bradley
12. SS Francisco Linder
13. RHP Trevor Bauer
14. LHP Jed Bradley
15. LHP Danny Hultzen
16. RHP Dylan Bundy
17. C Blake Swihart
18. 2B Kolton Wong
19. SS Jason Esposito
20. RHP John Stilson
21. RHP Dylan Howard
22. RHP Jose Fernandez
23. LHP Henry Owens
24. RHP Austin Woods
25. OF Josh Bell
26. RHP Michael Kelly
27. RHP Alex Meyer
28. OF Derek Fisher
29. LHP Tyler Anderson
30. C Austin Hedges
31. RHP Robert Stephenson
32. RHP Anthony Meo
33. OF Mickie Mahtook

Supplemental Round One:
34. OF Zach Cone
35. OF Alex Dickerson
36. OF Travis Harrison
37. OF Brian Goodwin
38. RHP Tony Zych
39. C Nicky Delmonico
40. OF Brandon Nimmo
41. SS Phillip Evans
42. RHP Tyler Beede
43. LHP Ryan Carpenter
44. OF Kyle Gaedele
45. OF Dwight Smith
46. RHP Taylor Guerrieri
47. C Peter O’Brien
48. RHP Jack Armstrong
49. C Andrew Susac
50. C C.J. Cron
51. 2B Josh Tobias
52. SS Javier Baez
53. SS Julius Gaines
54. SS B.A. Vollmuth
55. RHP Brian Brickhouse
56. 3B Levi Michael
57. RHP Nick Burdi
58. OF William Flamion
59. RHP Hudson Boyd
60. RHP Scott McGough

2nd Round:


61. OF Jake Cave
62. SS Brad Miller
63. RHP Kyle Winkler
64. 1B Preston Tucker
65. 3B Harold Martinez
66. RHP Carson Smith
67. 2B Ryan Wright
68. OF Charles Tilson
69. RHP Dillon Maples
70. RHP Logan Verrett
71. 1B Ricky Opressa
72. RHP Rookie Davis
73. LHP Adam Conley
74. LHP Phillip Pfeifer
75. OF Jason Coats
76. OF Nick Martini
77. LHP Gratson Garvin
78. C James McCann
79. LHP Andrew Chafin
80. RHP Joe Ross
81. SS Joe Panik
82. RHP Jerrick Suiter
83. RHP Andrew Gagnon
84. RHP Noe Ramirez
85. LHP Adam McCreery
86. SS Christian Lopes
87. RHP Christian Montgomery
88. OF Zach Wilson
89. 3B Matt Skole
90. OF Shon Carson

3rd Round:

91. LHP Brett Mooneyham
92. 3B Dante Bichette
93. RHP Ricky Jacquez
94. OF Eric Snyder
95. RHP Burch Smith
96. RHP Deshorn Lake
97. OF Shawon Dunston Jr.
98. C Tyler Marlette
99. SS Tyler Greene
100. RHP Ian Gardeck
101. SS Trevor Story
102. OF Roman Quinn
103. RHP Kevin Comer
104. RHP Matt Price
105. LHP Andrew Suarez
106. LHP Sean Gilmartin
107. LHP Will Lamb
108. RHP Dylan Davis
109. RHP John Magliozzi
110. LHP Sam Stafford
111. 2B Matt Jensen
112. RHP Tyler Pill
113. RHP Sam Graviglio
114. C Cameron Gallagher
115. OF Mason Robbins
116. SS Taylor Featherstone
117. SS Patrick Leonard
118. C Daniel Mengden
119. 3B Matt Dean
120. RHP Madison Boer

4th Round:

121. LHP Matt Maronde

122. SS Chris McFarland
123. 3B Tyler Goeddel
124. 3B John Hinson
125. 1B Johnny Coy
126. OF Johnny Ruetiger
127. SS Austin Slater
128. 3B Cody Ashe
129. RHP Adrian Houser
130. RHP Adam Griffin
131. RHP John Curtiss
132. OF Taylor Dugas
133. C Jett Bandy
134. RHP Austin Nola
135. RHP Colton Murray
136. SS Adam Smith
137. 1B Aaron Westlake
138. 3B Hunter Cole
139. RHP Erik Johnson
140. OF Larry Green
141. RHP Carter Capps
142. RHP Hawtin Buchanan
143. LHP Josh Ostich
144. RHP Nick Ahmed
145. LHP Charlie Lowell
146. RHP Benton Moss
147. LHP Cody Kukuk
148. RHP Cecil Tanner
149. SS Gabriel Rosa
150. C Kevin Cron

5th Round:

151. 3B Steven Proscia
152. 3B Sean Trent
153. LHP Daniel Camerena
154. RHP Kyle McMyne
155. LHP Miquel Pena
156. C Brandon Sedell
157. 1B Jacob Anderson
158. OF Scott Lyman
159. OF Dominic Jose
160. OF Carl Thormore
161. LHP Spencer Linney
162. RHP Ray Black
163. C Pratt Maynard
164. SS Brandon Loy
165. RHP Cole Green
166. SS Kevin Kramer
167. RHP Joey Ceia
168. RHP Cole Wiper
169. 2B Cory Spangenberg
170. 2B Joe Terry
171. RHP Blake Forsland
172. C Mario Amaral
173. OF Aaron Brown
174. OF James Harris Jr.
175. RHP Navery Moore
176. 2B Zach MacPhee
177. SS TJ Costen
178. C Elvin Soto
179. 1B Daniel Vogelbach
180. SS Marcus Semien

6th Round:


181. RHP Brandon Woodruff
182. OF BrianHumphries
183. C Brett Austin
184. RHP Kyle Smitn
185. C Greg Bird
186. OF Cohl Walla
187. C Drew Stiner
188. SS Johnny Eierman
189. RHP Mason Pope
190. 1B Taylor Ard
191. 1B Harold Riggins
192. RHP Brook Pinckard
193. 3B Andy Burns
194. 2B Kevin Medrano
195. C John Hicks
196. OF Ronnie Richardson
197. SS Derek Dennis
198. 3B Riccio Torrez
199. SS Jake Hager
200. LHP Bryan Harper
201. LHP Porter Clayton
202. RHP Braden Kapteyn
203. 2B Tyler Grimes
204. C Brandon Martin
205. RHP Drew Verhagen
206. RHP Carson Baranik
207. OF Ryan Garvey
208. RHP Parker French
209. LHP Adam Morgan
210. RHP Kevin Brady

7th Round:

211. RHP Ryan Meyer
212. LHP Michael Howard
213. 1B Cameron Seltzer
214. OF Dusty Robinson
215. RHP Damion Magnifico
216. RHP Matt Andriese
217. RHP Tom Robson
218. OF Jeremy Rathjen
219. OF Conor McKay
220. 1B Cody Stubbs
221. RHP Nick Tropeano
222. RHP Derrick Bleeker
223. C Dylan Delso
224. RHP Kyle Simon
225. RHP Joe Holtmeyer
226. OF Dakota Smith
227. RHP Sam Johnson
228. LHP Alex Pantelliodis
229. OF Bobby Crocker
230. RHP Austin Dicharry
231. OF Drew Martinez
232. RHP Ryan O’Sullivan
233. C Garrett Boulware
234. OF Senquez Golson
235. RHP Cody Glenn
236. 3B Tyler Bream
237. 2B Conor Castellano
238. 2B Brett Harrison
239. OF Jo-El Bennett
240. OF Steve Selsky

8th Round:

241. RHP Dixon Anderson
242. C Hammy Rosado
243. RHP Patrick Connaughten
244. RHP Kevin Jacob
245. RHP Matty Ott
246. RHP Jorge Lopez
247. C Zach Kometani
248. OF Desmond Henry
249. RHP Brian Dupra
250. OF Wallace Gonzalez
251. RHP Sean Yost
252. LHP Scott Snodgrass
253. RHP Mike Nastold
254. OF Mike Papi
255. SS Devin Merrero
256. RHP Matt Summers
257. RHP Chris Marlowe
258. RHP Martin Viramontes
259. 1B Nick Ramirez
260. LHP Jack Leathersich
261. RHP Mark Pope
262. 1B Austin Southall
263. RHP Danny Keller
264. C Desmond Henry
265. SS KC Serna
266. RHP Jesus Valdez
267. RHP Kevin Vance
268. OF Zeke Devoss
269. LHP Jason Wheeler
270. LHP Kevin Gelinas

9th Round:

271. OF Kes Carter
272. RHP Matt Wisler
273. LHP Chris Reed
274. C Steve Rodriquez
275. OF Lee
276. SS Peter Mooney
277. RHP Adam Ravenelle
278. LHP Andrew McKirahan
279. SS Brandon Martin
280. LHP Dillon Peters
281. RHP Mathew Troupe
282. C Tim Barry
283. OF Brian Billigen
284. OF Daniel Bowman
285. RHP Aaron Nola
286. SS Deion Williams
287. SS Ryan O’Sullivan
288. 3B Kyle Raubinger
289. RHP Ryan Harris
290. RHP Jordan Coat
291. 3B Travis Shaw
292. LHP Mitchell Lambson
293. LHP Chris Kirsch
294. OF Max Homick
295. RHP Jose Cardona
296. RHP Randy McCurry
297. 2B Dan Paolini
298. LHP Carlos Rodon
299. OF Chance Bolcerek
300. RHP Joseph Musgrove

10th Round:

301. OF Jeff Driskel
302. 1B Trevor Gretzkey
303. OF C J McElroy
304. RHP Ross Stripling
305. OF Jarod Berggren
306. RHP Thomas Robson
307. 3B Ricky Santiago
308. 2B Mikal Hill 835
309. 3B Mark Ginther
310. 3B Garret Buechele
311. 3B Matt Leeds
312. RHP Kevin Moriarity
313. RHP Thomas Girdwood
314. 3B Kyle Kubitza
315. RHP Will Clinard
316. RHP Jordan Stephens
317. RHP T J Walz
318. SS Tim Smallings
319. LHP Kevin Mathews
320. 3B Joe Napolitano
321. LHP Taylor Wall
322. RHP T J Oaks
323. 3B Jason Stolz
324. RHP Cory Mazzoni
325. RHP Sander Beck
326. C Justin Kline
327. C Eric Haase
328. OF John Norwood
329. OF Michael Conforto
330. LHP Blake Snell 856
331. LHP Brian Flynn

Q&A: – 2011, Sandy, Drafting By Position, the Kids at AAA

Joseph Polini asked: Honest thoughts on the Mets for this year? And can Sandy rebuild us into a team that competes every year for WS Titles?

Mack: Thanks for the questions Joseph.

You want to look at 2011 as a fun year. No playoffs, but there should be a bunch of good things beginning to happen on this team. The real excitement will come in the higher levels of the minor league teams where anywhere from 3-5 of the kids will mature into everyday players in 2012.

The Mets will most probably trade Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, and maybe even Francesco Rodriquez by the all-star break. You won’t recognize the starting lineup by the end of the year. In my opinion, September will be 1B Ike Davis, 2B Reese Havens, SS Ruben Tejada, 3B David Wright, LF Jason Bay, CF Angel Pagan, RF Fernando Martinez.

Havens and Martinez will rise to star regulars and some of the (whoever they are) players received in the above mentioned trades will come into play. There’s a good chance you will see a new center fielder and catcher by the beginning of the 2012 season.

I also truly believe that the Mets will be sold in full.

If not, there will be no return to a 100+mil payroll under the Wilpon family.

Regarding Sandy Alderson, he’s smart enough to do this without the big money. The trades listed above will generate 6-8 top prospects, mostly pitching and catching. Add to that a proper draft in June, and the Mets will continue to build from within.

Two-thirds of the 2014 rotation will be minor leaguers Matt Harvey and Jenrry Mejia.

Jason asked: Mack… do you believe in drafting by position?

Mack: Thanks Jason for a very good question.

I don’t. I believe you should always pick the best person you show available on your board, regardless of position.

I don’t care how many prospect third basemen you have. Nothing is etched in stone. Bones break and prospects fizzle. Generation K and the future outfield of Gomez-Milledge-Martinez proves this every day.

That being said, the Mets are very lean in prospect catchers and I really hope they pick either Blake Swihart in the first round, or Peter O’Brien in the second. Still, given the choice between Swihart, and let’s say, Sonny Gray, if he still was on the board, you go with the best player.

Day two is when you start screwing around and draft everybody that pitches and stands over 6-9…

You fill in your minor league teams, by position, on day three.

Derek Showerman asked:

Do you get a sense that Sandy wants the kids to win together at AAA and bring the good vibe to NY later this year? He seems hell bent on having this group together and winning at Buffalo:Mejia, FMart, Tejada, Duda, Gee, Havens, Kirk…


Derek, it’s my belief is that Mr. Alderson is operating to excel… in 2012. Thus, the more his prospects develop at AAA this year, the better it will be.

The Wilpon family is in serious financial trouble and you will not see this team return to a six figure salary team under their ownership. Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, Luis Castillo, and Fernando Rodriguez will all be replaced by someone in the organization, quite possibly all before the 2012 season. Latest 2013.

Fernando Martinez is back on track and, if he stays healthy, will replace Beltran in right field. Duda and Nieuwenhuis have a chance, but they project out as a backup at best.

The Mets want Ruben Tejada to replace Reyes, and though he has already proved he can hit AAA ball (.280 in 2010, .289 in 2009), they need him to prove he can do it in the majors. He’ll get another year to mature.

The long range plan for the Mets at second base is Reese Havens, but they wouldn’t mind Daniel Murphy playing well enough to prevent that.

The only candidate currently mature enough in the system to replace K-Rod would be Bobby Parnell. I would expect one of the players received in one of the mid-2011 trades will possibly be a future closer.

Only three questions this week…

Please email your questions directly to: