Nuclear Meltdown, Japan, Libya, the Economy… and Second Base

What’s wrong with the title?

I mean, the first four items mentioned are some serious shit, but the more I’m on line, the more I realize that the real story out there is who in God’s name is going to play friggin second base for the New York Mets.

First, it’s definitely Daniel Murphy, then, all of a sudden, everyone falls in love with Luis Castillo again.

Next we here that the manager hates Castillo and is going to name Luis Hernandez. But wait, Brad Emaus gets reported he’s the man, if Brad can’t do it, no one can.

Jordany Valdespin and Ruben Tejada fans keep tweeting they shouldn’t have been sent down and I’m waiting for Edgardo Alfonzo to ask for his yearly, ‘come on coach, give me another shot” plea.

Is this the best we can do, guys?

Most people think jobs are won in spring training. What they don’t realize is all ST is, is a place to be eliminated.

No baseball suit gives a rat’s ass what your batting average or fielding percentage is in March. If they did, David Wright would be sent down and Felipe Alou would have never played in the majors.


Here’s my opinion how this Mets second base thing works:

1. The job belongs to the last person that had it.

2. The brass does everything they can to find something they don’t like about the guy who was the last person to have the job.

3. If he shows up on time, he’s late.

4. If he’s quiet in the locker room, he’s not a team player.

5. If he laughs at a joke, he’s not taking the job serious enough.

6. If he laughs at a joke, that was in Spanish, he’s hiding something.

7. The manager’s job is to mention to one of the press guys a different name every day that impresses him at second base.

8. The reporter writes a story on it, but first tweets a tweet (God, I hate that expression…)

9. Next, 2397 other Mets writers and bloggers also tweet what the manager said.

10. The deflection has been accomplished and the team can get back to playing baseball.


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