Mack Draft: – Patrick Johnson, Adam Griffin, Daniel Peterson, Trevor Bauer, Bubba Starling

North Carolina’s Patrick Johnson: Johnson might not light up the radar gun like previous staff aces Matt Harvey and Alex White, but he’s a stud in his own right. The talented right-handed pitcher put together another fantastic start in a 7-1 triumph over Wake Forest. Johnson struck out nine and allowed just three hits in 5 2/3 shutout innings. Johnson improved to 3-0 with the victory.


2nd time seeing Adam Griffin in as many weeks, he was pin straight, max effort with fb at 90-94, doesn’t fool hitters, breaking ball he changes his arm slot and speed of delivery which tips the hitters. He’s going to be a good college pitcher and end up being drafted or “over drafted” by some ML club.


•Troy’s Daniel Peterson hit two homers in a doubleheader sweep over New Orleans as the Trojans upped their record to 12-3 on the year. If they continue at this pace, they will be able to compete with both FIU and FAU for a conference title in late May.


Trevor Bauer is a 20 year old junior right handed pitcher out of North Hollywood, CA. According to his UCLA player profile,his favorite pro player is Tim Lincecum, and when trying to project Bauer Lincecum is the first player that comes to mind. The comparison isn’t perfect, of course. Bauer (listed at 6’2′, 185) is bigger than Lincecum, and while at first glance their delivery’s look similar (for a great slo-mo video of Bauer in last year’s Houston Classic click here) closer looks reveal some differences. Most prominently, Bauer doesn’t recreate Lincecum’s now-famous “dangle,” where his pitching arm hangs loose straight down towards the ground. In addition, Bauer’s stride isn’t nearly as long as Lincecum’s. The thing that gives me pause the most about Bauer’s delivery, however, is his seeming inability to repeat it. As I watched, his landing foot seemed to land in a different place every time, and was dramatically different between the stretch and the windup. On the plus side, Bauer is famous for his incredible work ethic and work-out routine, and his delivery avoids the dreaded “inverted W” that has been fingered as the culprit to many arm injuries. 


If (Bubba) Starling realizes his potential, he’ll be a five-tool center fielder. He has lots of strength and leverage in his 6-foot-5, 180-pound frame, not to mention above-average speed. Arm strength? He throws 93 mph off the mound, though his future is definitely as a position player. He’s also one of the nation’s top college quarterback recruits and has accepted a football scholarship from Nebraska, though he’s expected to give up the gridiron when he’s an early first-round pick in June.



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