I May Be Wrong, But… Binghamton, Mitch Houck

1. The talent level is much deeper in Buffalo, but Binghamton shouldn’t be a bad team either.

Starting pitcher wise, there is a logjam with Jeurys Familia, Brad Holt, Brandon Moore, Chris Schwinden, Mark Cohoon, and Eric Beaulac all fighting it out for one of the five slots (my guessis Schwinden will go to the pen after piggybacking with either Cohoon or Moore).This will Holt’s last shot at a starter.

Lots of talent in the pen, led by Brant Rustich, Nick Carr, and Scott Moviel. I wold also look for John Lugan, Ryan Coultas, Erik Turgeon, and Rhiner Cruz.


The infield could reuinite the combination of Wilmer Flores at SS and Jenry Marte at 3B (though both are projected to eventually change positions). Stefan Welsh and Michael Fisher will battle it out in ST to win the 1B slot, while Matt Bouchard, Jose Coronado, and Jon Malo are trying to hang on as a sub.

On paper, Kai Gronauer was slotted to be the catcher here, but he sure is getting an awful lot of action in ST with the Mets. He could wind up in Buffalo. In addition, there’s still Francisco Pena.

The outfield will be weak, with Pedro Zapata, Sean Ratliff, Carlos Guzman, Rafael Fernandez, Quniton Berry, and Lorenzo Scott battling it out this month for the four slots available.

Overall, there isn’t enough here to win their division, but potentially, this could be a very effective rotation.



2. Mets pitching prospect Mitch Houck is done for the season. He had shoulder surgery on Monday… has a tear in the capsule… we’ll hook up with him when the drugs wear off and talk to him here on the site about it…



3. So, I live in South Carolina, and my local cable company sends me a brochure last month, telling me that I can now receive the SNY channel for $9 more a month. I was so excited and ordered it post haste. Now, I have the service, and find out that all Mets games are blocked out and all I get is Big East and nightly sports roundups. Is there something wrong here? Why would I pay $9 a month for a channel owned by the New York Mets that blocks out their games? In South Carolina? What’s so special about South Carolina? I did some checking and it seems the blackout in national. Great.



4. The have a complicated problem fielding the middle infield of  both Buffalo and Binghamton. Right now, only Ruben Tejada looks fixed to be the starting shortstop for the Bisons. Second base could be this week’s prospect of the day, Jordany Valdespin, Josh Satin, or Reese Havens.   Satin has had a lot of time in recent years DHing, which is doing him nothing in the long run. Havens should be in AAA, but he was injured most of 2010 and might be cautiously sent to AA to start the season. This would still leave prospect Wilmer Flores to play short in Binghamton until the Mets decide where to move him. ( didn’t even bring up Russ Adams, Jonathan Malo, or Jose Coronado.



5. Remember last year draft pick, Howard College Damien Magnifico, who turned down a decent bonus offer by the Mets? His stats so far this season, through last Thursday, are:4-G, 8.0-IP, 5-ER, 8-H, 10-K, 7-BB



6. Sent back to the minor league complex were: 2B Ruben Tejada, OF Fernando Martinez, RHP Tobi Stoner, RHP Josh Stinson, RHP Manny Alvarez, RHP John Lujan, RHP Armando Rodriguez, 3B Zach Lutz, IF Jordany Valdespin, OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis and C Kai Gronauer.

There are no surprises here. F-Mart really stood no chance of making the 25-man, once the Mets became comfortable with a platoon of Scott Harrison and Willie Harris. A few thought Alvarez might stick but he had a horrible spring.
The only non-roster players still in the parent camp are: OF Jason Pridie, IF Russ Adams, catchers Raul Chavez and Dusty Ryan, and pitchers Boof Bonzer, Blaine Boyer, Tim Bydak, Ryota Igarashi, Jason Isgringhausen, Michael O’Connor,and Taylor Tankersley.

Only Bydak seems a lock at this point.


2 Responses to I May Be Wrong, But… Binghamton, Mitch Houck

  1. Mark says:

    I live in the southern part of Virginia and I have the same problem with SNY. What’s disappointing is that once you order the mlb package then that unlocks the Mets games on SNY. The blackout goes beyond just Mets games. If you want to watch any of the games that are replayed at night or any of the Mets Classics games or shows you can forget it because they are blacked out as well. Before congress got involved I was able to use New York as my local channels package since I didn’t live next to any major city but congress ruined that as well and now I’m stuck getting Raleigh and Richmond stations and can no longer order wpix.

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