Cutnpaste: – Carlos Beltran, Caps, Jack Egbert, Dwight Gooden, Chris Young

Carlos Beltran:

“I’m getting better,” said Beltran, who hasn’t played since going 1-for-3 last Sunday against the Red Sox, when he singled and later scored from second on a single. “I really am. And I know my knee is going to be fine soon.” There remains doubt about that, especially considering Beltran’s recent history with knee problems. And though general manager Sandy Alderson said he isn’t concerned about Beltran starting the year on the disabled list, manager Terry Collins admitted he has tried different players in right just in case they’re needed if Beltran is out at some point.


One of the rules presented to players by manager Terry Collins early in camp is to wear caps whenever on the field. Even Jose Reyes, who had gone topless — well, capless — through most of Spring Training last year, is abiding by it. “But last spring, I wasn’t playing very much,” said Reyes, who dealt with physical problems in 2010. Sandy Alderson wore an orange cap with a Mets logo to the team’s game in Jupiter, Fla., on Thursday. The general manager purchased the cap in a Mets store at the Spring Training facility in Port St. Lucie. There was no indication the general manager was abiding by his manager’s rule.¬ebook_id=16919602&vkey=notebook_nym&c_id=nym&partnerId=rss_nym


Jack Egbert:

Perspective is not lost on Jack Egbert, especially not when he thinks about where he was this time last year versus where he is now. The Rutherford native sat at his locker last spring inside the Mets’ clubhouse in anticipation of the team’s first round of cuts, of which he eventually would be a part. He was anxious yet hopeful.


Dwight Gooden:

In so many ways, Gooden is down to his last pitch, and he knows it. He is going to join a team that includes other celebrity train wrecks like Amy Fisher and Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father. Gooden is used to being in the spotlight with all his pitching success on the mound. He’s won a World Championship with the Mets, pitched a no-hitter with the Yankees and has won the Cy Young Award. But he’s never been able to get his life right off the field.


Chris Young:
The reason Young appeared in only 18 games the last two seasons is a series of injuries to his right shoulder. But to him, everything traces back to May 21, 2008. That was the night a line drive off the bat of Albert Pujols struck him square between the eyes. His skull was fractured. His nose was shattered. His face was bloodied. And for a variety of reasons, he hasn’t been the same since. “I had a string of bad luck, and it started with that,” Young said. “I was always rehabbing, and that was a challenge. I think it kind of led to the shoulder stuff. I don’t think it was the main cause, but I think it was part of it.”


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