Q&A – Patrick Flood – patrickfloodblog.com

Mack: Good morning girls and boys. We’re talking this morning to Patrick Flood, national Mets blogger and owner/operator of http://patrickfloodblog.com. Hey Patrick, how’s everything today?

Patrick: Hey Mack, everything’s good. Getting ready to fly home after a week in Port St. Lucie.

Mack: Kewl. Before we get to the team and ST, tell us how you got started doing this and how you hooked up with SNY?

Patrick: Well. Over a year ago, I started writing my blog, all about the Mets. I was having fun, I got some readers, and I kept working at it, trying to figure out the whole writing thing. After a while, SNY was like, “Hey, do you want to write your blog for us?” So I was like, “Hey, yeah, that sounds awesome.” It took a little while to get setup, but it’s been great. They’ve been helpful with everything.

Mack: Let’s get back to spring training. Tell us your general thoughts on how the camp was this year…

Patrick: That’s a tough one, because this was my first spring training as a media person. I don’t have anything to compare it to, really. That said, it seems to be a fairly relaxed atmosphere. The players are easy to approach, everyone appears positive. It’s just people working on baseball really. For example, I was watching Mookie Wilson work a base stealing drill with some of the outfielders — it really wasn’t all that different from a little league coach working with kids. He was showing some basic things, how to take a lead, not cross over your feet, and then the players worked on it. That was surprising, in how simple it was — it sort of made me realize that the game they’re playing really is the same game I was playing as a kid. Only they’re all way better. Way, way better.

Mack: Did anyone stand out, either on the mound next to the clubhouse, or in the batting cage?

Patrick: Actually, this is going to sound weird, but the only person who stood out to me was Boof Bonser. That guy can get a hold of one. Big dude. He hit some baseballs a long way when the pitchers were taking BP. I would be a terrible scout.

Mack: Ha ha…. curious… how much did the money problems come up in the newsroom?

Patrick: Nothing. Not at all — I actually almost forgot about it down here. A reporter will mention it occasionally, but that’s really it. I don’t think it’s on the mind of the players, the coaches, anyone

Mack: Good. Last question… what’s your thoughts on this team this year. Any chance for a playoff run?

Patrick: Here’s what I’m thinking: As they’re built right now, this is a .500 team. Maybe a little better, maybe a little worse, but if they played an infinite number of baseball games, they would win about half of them.

That said, they don’t play an infinite number of games. They play 162, meaning they could easily win somewhere between 75 game or 92 games as built, just thanks to chance. So if a few things go right, Beltran and Reyes have big years, the pitching staff is healthy, they win some close games, maybe they’re in serious contention around the All Star break. And if that happens, I could see them making some moves to improve the team for the stretch run and playing some serious October baseball.

But if things aren’t going well, then I assume they would consider trading Beltran — who can’t be offered arbitration at the end of the season, it’s in his contract — or Reyes, if they don’t want to resign him, to rebuild for 2012. They’re a high variance team, lots of player who can be up and down. So they easily could make the postseason, if those players are up. But they could also easily lose 90 games if those players are down.

Mack: Patrick, thank you for time and I hope some day we can eat that lunch together in the ST press room.

Patrick: Absolutely! Maybe next year. Take care.


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