The Keepers: – #7 – SS – Ruben Tejada


Photo by Michael G. Baron


7. SS Ruben Tejada

Tejada started the 2007 season with the VSL Mets where he had a wonderful season (.364/.466/.479 in 121 at bats, 16 SB). He was promoted and came stateside to finish the season starting for the GCL Mets (.283/.401/.367 in 120 at bats, 16 SB).

2007 Tejada was named the recipient of the 2007 Sterling Award as the MVP of the VSL Mets.

1-1-10: Forecast: – 2010 will be the come to Jesus year for Tejada. So far, his combined three year, three level, pro career has produced .262/.331/.341/.672 in 1105 at bats. And, he’ll play 2010 as a 20 year old. Trust me, if he hits .280 in AAA, there will be a lot of meetings in Queens over whether or not they renew the Reyes option year.

I wrote on 2-10-10: – Ruben Tejada – one of the future “Class of 2011”… Tejada is being converted to a second baseman (who isn’t in this organization?), so we’ll keep an eye on any increase in errors. He’s still very young and the only reason that his next step is Queens is because he’s done with all the levels by the end of this season. Will he become the 2011 Mets second baseman. Did Brian Bannister become the Mets SP5? We’ll see…

5-22-10: – SS Ruben Tejada: The 19-year old Tejada impressed everyone during ST and almost made the 25-man, but common sense took over and he was returned to the minors for seasoning. He has hit at every level which includes this season at AAA (.299), and, with the recent developments involving the health of Luis Castillo, might be back in Queens before I finish writing this. Tejada experimented with second base (who doesn’t on this team?) but he’s now back playing short, sparking rumors involving just who is going to play that position in Queens next season

1-27-11: – New manager Terry Collins is on record saying that Tejada will play AAA/Buffalo in 2011 unless there is an injury or trade involving Jose Reyes. He has also returned to his natural position, shortstop. Good. That’s where he belongs. It will be interesting to see where the Mets play all the prospect-type shortstops behind him, especially Jordany Valdespin. JV was protected on the 40-man during the off-season and is also ready to play at the AAA level.

2-24-11 – Up: – SS/2B Ruben Tejada – you always have to appreciate a ballplayer that takes the off-season serious, and Ruben has. No one has ever questioned his defensive skills, but his first shot at playing in Queens caused comparisons to Anderson Hernandez. So, Tejada went home and concentrated on bulking up and perfecting his swing. Word is he will never win the home run crown; however, everyone is impressed with his new dedication to improve his offensive statistics.

3-3-11: – Up – SS/2B Ruben Tejada – no one expects Tejada to make the 25-man, but you have to agree that he has impressed so far this spring… with the bat. Through March 3rd, he’s hitting .556. I still think this is the 2012 Mets shortstop, so let the kid keep working on his hitting in Buffalo


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