Cutnpaste: – TC and Ollie, K-Rod, Angel, Investors, Emaus

TC and Ollie:


At the same time, Terry Collins is completing a 108-mile trip to Kissimmee. He will be joined there soon after by Sandy Alderson. There is no logical reason that a new manager and new GM are not at the split-squad game in St. Lucie. Instead, they are continuing as actors in this ridiculous play in which Oliver Perez has a chance to matter for the 2011 club. It is a further distraction from real evaluations.




If they allow K-Rod to finish 55 games this season, his $17.5 million option for 2012 will automatically kick in. If they try to prevent that from happening by resting him excessively, it will elicit a fight from the players’ union. But there is one way the Mets could keep Rodriguez from finishing 55 games while plausibly arguing it is for baseball reasons. They could essentially redefine the role of a closer, from a pitcher who is used almost exclusively in save situations to one that is used in the most important situations in a game.




AL personnel man: “We see Pagan as a capable everyday player on a contender, not an above-average one. We like his ability to hit for average and run. However, we’re a little mixed on his defense; scouts would call him a strong-average center fielder, whereas stat guys would call him above to well above average. Offensively, I’d expect around a .740, .750 OPS, which is about 20 points above league average for center fielders.” NL personnel man: “I think he is a legitimate front-line player. He is a well-rounded guy who can impact the game with his bat, glove and legs. I don’t think his performance is a given, but I wouldn’t be skeptical based on a slower progression.”




Paul Danforth, a former Mets executive who now holds a senior post at CAA Sports, the fast-growing sports division of the Creative Artists Agency of Hollywood, is a lead investor in a group seeking to share of the Mets, according to a person who was briefed on the group’s interest. Danforth is teaming with, among others, William Montgoris, a former chief operating officer of Bear Stearns, the failed investment bank. Montgoris, who retired from the bank in 1999, is Danforth’s father-in-law.




Brad Emaus is an interesting name as a Rule 5 draft pick, but he appears to be more valuable in real life than in fantasy. Emaus has a good eye at the plate, having drawn 212 walks in 1810 minor league PA and struck out only 220 times. However, outside of 395 PA in the hitter-friendly Pacific Coast League, he has not shown much power and, like Murphy, he simply does not excel at any one thing. A package like that is a fantasy death knell for hitters with below average power, even at second base. I’d sooner just avoid everyone involved with second base with the Mets.



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