Cutnpaste: – Fernando Rodriguez, Dirt, Jose Reyes, Jason Isringhausen, Second Base


Photo by Michael G. Baron



Six-plus months have passed, long enough for Rodriguez to plead guilty to reduced charges, enroll in anger-management therapy and – he swears – reform. If it’s an act, it’s an awfully good one, because Rodriguez looks and behaves like Alex DeLarge, the sociopath who had his violent urges surgically removed from his brain in Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 movie.


About two weeks before the players reported for spring training in February, a firm called Natural Sand Company trucked in two loads of dark, brown clay from its mine in central Pennsylvania and, with the assistance of the grounds crew here, completely renovated the infield skin at the main stadium, creating virtually the same infield surface used at Citi Field in Queens. The dirty little secret is out. The Mets want their players to prepare for the regular season on the same playing surface they will eventually move to in April. Amid the disclosures about the team’s financial situation, ground balls here will be nice and predictable.


But Reyes’ teammates, the ones paying attention to the Mets’ financial woes, wish it were that simple. They’re aware the closer Reyes gets to free agency, the greater the likelihood of a midsummer trade. The front office already is in the midst of an Orwellian shift away from their star: GM Sandy Alderson recently said stolen bases, one of Reyes’ best weapons, are nothing more than a “footnote” in relation to victories.  

Jason Isringhausen said that he will retire if he fails to make the Mets roster out of spring training. “If I don’t make it, then there’s a reason I didn’t make it and that will be good enough reason for me to go home,” Izzy told Derrick Goold the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Thursday. The Mets have been high on the righty so far, so his acknowledgment could be moot if he remains healthy. On Thursday he gave up one walk in a hitless fifth inning against his former team, the Cardinals.


Second Base:
The Mets have until Opening Day to settle on a second baseman, but the first significant decision regarding the position will come on the team’s March 14 off day, manager Terry Collins said Thursday . With four candidates fighting for the job – Luis Castillo , Daniel Murphy , Brad Emaus and Justin Turner – Collins will have to start trimming the field around then to give the favorites more playing time. As it stands, he has been rotating starts among the four, and the small sample sizes are making it difficult to gather data on each.;jsessionid=7C89468209964DDEE456.3072?site=newsday&view=mets_item&feed:a=newsday_5min&feed:c=mets&feed:i=1.2729032



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