Cutnpaste: – Jon Niese, Stefan Welsh, Mets Sale, Jeff Francoeur, Jay Horowitz


Photo by Michael G. Baron


Jon Niese:

Though Collins hasn’t announced his rotation officially, beyond Mike Pelfrey starting opening night at Florida, it is likely Niese would be second and R.A. Dickey third, splitting up the right-handers. Dickey is scheduled to make his spring training debut today against the Cardinals, and will have followed Pelfrey and Niese in succession.Niese, who struggled with control during his August and September skid last season, is determined to throw more strikes this spring.


Stefan Welsh:
Stefan Welch 1B (Mets) – Welch hasn’t really shown the power to fill the first base position. He certainly isn’t going to yank the first base job from Ike Davis. He did club seven homeruns in just 40 games in the Australian League, a vast improvement with his eight homeruns in 133 games in the Florida State League, with parks that are not friendly to power hitters. On the down side he hit only .201 in the Australian League, whiffing 42 times in 40 games. He is 6′3″ and only 175 so at some point he will fill out and the power numbers should improve.


Mets Sale:
In this weeks’ news, we delve a little deeper into how the trustee overseeing the lawsuit against Wilpon and company came to determine that the Mets’ owners should be held responsible even when they too saw their accounts go to zero. At issue is the fact that the Mets’ owners pulled out more than their initial investment prior to the news breaking that Madoff was one of the biggest scammers ever. On Thursday, the Mets’ owners will get to attack the methodology that the trustee in the case is using to try to get $1 billion from the Mets’ owners Their opponents will be the trustee, Irving H. Picard, and none other than the Securities and Exchange Commission. Stay tuned because this could be a big week in determining what could happen with the Mets.


Jeff Francoeur:
The good and the bad about the 2011 Royals is sitting in front of his corner locker, taking his shoes off. This may sound like a strange way to think of Jeff Francoeur, whose career with the Royals now spans two spring training games, but this is a man who was on baseball’s scrapheap and is largely looked at as a placeholder for better times, and he even has the talking points down.


Jay Horowitz:
Mets vice-president of media relations Jay Horwitz is, self admittedly, “a little bit of a schlump.” He’s wrinkled, he’s baggy, he’s disheveled. His glasses are slightly crooked. His head is a bit large for his shoulders. He talks with a thick New York accent. He’s lost or broken at least 10 BlackBerries over the past couple of years, including two that plopped into the toilet. .”There’s no question that Jay is great at his job,” says David Wright, the Mets third baseman. “But he definitely has some screws loose.”



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