Stock: – Terry Collins, Jordany Valdespin, Jenrry Mejia, Ruben Tejada, Scott Hairston, Castillo, Beato, Oliver Perez, Carlos Beltran

Up: – Mets Manager Terry Collins – word from the camp is that the players are really signing off on TC. This is a big change from the quiet calm of Willie Randolph, followed by the “let’s keep our distance” Jerry Manual. Collins has that fiery infectious Napoleonic personality that seems to be part of every man who stands waste high to the Chris Young’s of the world. Lots of positive energy so far, which also means guys like this can turn things loud an ugly real quick. I love it.

Up: – 2B/SS Jordany Valdespin – word from camp is that Valdespin turned heads during his infield workout along with other Mets vying for a Queens job. He simply was faster than the rest of the guys, both in getting to the ball and also getting back into position for the next ground. He has been known to get lazy on routine balls, but not so far this spring.

Up: – SP Jenrry Mejia – I talked with one of the beat guys down in Port St. Lucie and he told me that there are a lot of pitchers that look good right now, but everyone is talking about Mejia. Other Met ballplayers were literally stopping what they were doing and walking over to watch Mejia throw on the back field mounds. My contact said he was easily sitting at 94-95.

Up: – SS/2B Ruben Tejada – you always have to appreciate a ballplayer that takes the off-season serious, and Ruben has. No one has ever questioned his defensive skills, but his first shot at playing in Queens caused comparisons to Anderson Hernandez. So, Tejada went home and concentrated on bulking up and perfecting his swing. Word is he will never win the home run crown; however, everyone is impressed with his new dedication to improve his offensive statistics.

Up: OF Scott Hairston – Hairston is one of many that is trying to win a utility slot on the 25-man, which means you have to do two things well… not make errors and hot it over the wall. Well, you can’t have a better start that last Friday’s intra-squad game where Hairston hit two home runs. I’d say he’s leading after one.

Up: 2B Luis Castillo – Mets fans down in Port St. Lucie were taken to second base school by Luis Castillo on Saturday. He was the first to get a hit and later turned a double play that would never have happened if Daniel Murphy was playing there. It’s going to be interesting to see what the Mets do about this.

Up: RP Pedro Beato – It wasn’t that Beato did anything special in his first Met outing on Saturday, but the word around camp is everyone is thrilled with what he has brought to the team. It looks like the original Mets draft pick is going to make it to Queens after all. Good for him!

Down: P Oliver Perez – I can’t believe I’m still writing about this guy as a current Met. This is so embarrassing. The funny part is his ST ERA (18.00) is exactly what I said it would be on the day he is finally cut. Come on, Sandy… get it done.

Up: RF Carlos Beltran – with Beltran’s decision, the Mets just acquired one of the top right fielders in baseball. This is a good move for everybody. Centerfield can be left to a healthy Angel Pagan and Carlos can concentrate on healing and hitting. Good move


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