The Keepers: – #16 – SP – Robert Carson

16. Robert Carson – SP –

Carson had a disappointing senior season at Hattiesburg, finishing 3-5 with only 36 Ks. The bright spot was his 2.65 ERA.

As a junior, he went 5-2 with 2 saves and a 2.15 ERA with 60 Ks.

The Mets drafted Carson in the 14th round of the 2007 draft. He signed and was placed on The GCL Mets roster, where he went 1-0, 5.00 in 4 games, 1 start.

Scouts say he has a “big time arm” and throws a “heavy” fastball. Carson features 4 pitches, a fastball, changeup, cutter and curveball. His fastball sits 90-92, and has topped out at 94. His changeup sits around 75-80, while his curveball is low to mid 70s.

In 2008, Carson started out with the GCL Mets and pitched impressively: 1-0, 1.57, 0.74. He was promoted to Kingsport, where he went 2-3, 1.76 in 6 starts.

In 2009, Carson pitched a full season for Savannah and went: 8-10, 3.21, 1.40, but only 90-K in 131.2-IP. He also walked 45 batters.

Carson’s 3 year pro stats are: 12-13, 2.87, 1.34.

1-1-10 Forecast: – Carson would have been ranked higher if he finished the season strong, but he didn’t. The Mets should have bumped him to St. Lucie at least two months prior to the end of the season, but they didn’t, and that could have been hanging over Carson. There’s a hell of a lot of talent here along with his confidence and bravado. I look for a tremendous season at St. Lucie in 2010.

5-22-10: Carson has put together three decent starts coming into Friday night, after starting the season all over the place. He did give up 12 hits Friday night, but his overall stats were impressive: 7.1-IP, 2-ER, 3-K. His ERA is now down to 4.95 from a year high of 81.00 on April 15.

5-22-10: – SP Robert Carson: Carson also got off to a bad start, especially his second outing of the year (0.2-IP, 6-ER, 81.00). The good news is, in his last three outings, Carson has stats of: 16.1-IP, 5-ER, 12-Ks. His last outing on May 17 was especially hot, striking out nine in 5.0-IP. Carson is 21-years old and, like Familia, projects out as a possible 2013 starter for the Mets

6-17-10: – A+ SP Robert Carson had another great outing, throwing 6..0 scoreless innings, giving up only two hits and striking out seven. His ERA is now below five, and he’s given up only 2-ER in his last three starts (19.0-IP). This is real good news folks and there actually is a chance you may see him move on to Binghamton at some point this season.

6-30-10: – Carson did everything he could to throw a shutout Monday night… his first seven innings were close to perfect, but he eventually tired in the 8th inning, giving up four runs (7.2-IP, 4-ER, 9-H, 4-K, 1-BB). He did get the victory (6-4), and his ERA ended up at 4.54. There’s been a bunch of negativity in the scouting world involving Carson… many question whether he has that “something special”needed to make it someday in the Bigs. No one has every questioned his confidence (his Facebook name is Robert “Imdestinedforgreatness” Carson.) Let’s hope this is another sign that his game is returning.

7-4-10: – Carson continued Sunday night putting his season back together… 7.0-IP, 2-ER, 7-K, 1-BB… ERA down to 4.37. That translates to a 3.41 ERA over the last 10 starts, which, if that was his seasonal stats, he would already be on is way to Binghamton.

9-1-10 – Stock Down – Look, no matter how we break this down, Robert Carson has not progessed enough this past season to be currently considered a top pitching prospect. He was absolutely lit up last night, going 5.0-IP, 9-H, 7-ER, 5-K, 2-BB, 1-WP. His Binghamton ERA is now 8.74, and, if you add that to his 4.17 in Lucy, the year looks like: 8-11, 5.74., with only 97-K in 131.2-IP, plus 55-BB. This hasts not been a great year for three of the Mets top so-called pitching prospects (Carson, Jeurys Familia, Brad Holt) and the season seesm to be coming to an end at the right time for Robert.

In 2010, Carson had various levels of struggles. His St. Lucie stint (7-5, 4.17, 69-K, 86.1-IP) was so-so at best and most people thought he got his promotion to Binghamton because he was the lesser of five evils. At Binghamton, he really pitched badly and ended the season 1-6, 8.32, and injured.

2011 Forecast: – The Mets have already annoucned that Carson will pitch winter ball in Arizona. You and I should be so lucky after a year like this. Carson earns this for one reason; his fastball can sit in the 93-95 range. For this reason alone, the Mets will continue to try and get this “very confident” young man to develop the control and accuracy needed to at least excell in the pen. Carson will repeat the Binghamton rotation if everything goes well in the winter.


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