Cutnpaste: – Kai, Chris Young, F-Mart, Ryota, Sid Fernandez


Kai Gronauer C – (Germany/Mets) – If the Mets get tired of Josh Thole’s defense, Kai can certainly address the call. Baseball America rated him as the Met’s best defensive catcher. There was some question whether he could hit, but his bat has seemed to show some life. Kai was promoted to the pitcher friendly Florida State League and he hit .324 in 139 at bats. That is not a large sampling size to say for certain that his bat has materialized, but it certainly has the Mets brass paying attention. It earned him a callup to the Arizona Fall League where his bat was not as potent (.222) in 45 at bats. He should repeat the year in high A, but at 24 years of age he needs to start moving up the chain quicker or he will hit that definition of being an organization man.


Chris Young:

A character from “Bull Durham,” he is not. Young, 31, is an uncommonly informed citizen, who frets about the impact of a fragmented media on democracy. Those views are informed by his experience as a politics major, which culminated in the thesis he completed on bus rides during his first season in the Pittsburgh Pirates system in 2001.



The future arrived at Shea Stadium on a midsummer afternoon in 2005. It came in the form of a 16-year-old boy. And for a few minutes during batting practice, it turned millionaire ballplayers into wide-eyed fans. .Jesus Fernando Alvarez Martinez, the Mets’ prized international signing, hit home runs to the opposite field. He hit home runs to straightaway center field. He hit home runs with an ease that was captivating. “Everybody was watching,” Jose Reyes said. “Everybody was talking about it. It was unbelievable.”


Remember Ryota Igarashi ? Removed from the 40-man roster during the offseason and barely mentioned in the scramble for bullpen jobs, Igarashi made a strong opening statement Friday with two scoreless innings, including two strikeouts, in the Mets’ intrasquad game. Igarashi may be buried on the depth chart, but he still will earn $1.75 million this season, the second and final year of his $3-million contract. The Mets would like to get some kind of return on that investment, and if Igarashi can get his velocity back, along with an effective splitter, maybe he can squeeze his way into a relief role.;JSESSIONID=7FDBC5206477D2D7E795.3074?



Sid Fernandez:
Sid Fernandez, whose name appears constantly among the most fly ball-oriented of pitchers, was noted for throwing a “rising” fastball — and is, in fact, cited as an example of such at the Wikipedia entry for same. Of Fernandez, Wikipedia notes that Fernandez “was known for throwing a rising fastball from a slightly ‘submarine’ motion.”



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