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Mets Prospects:
This system is pretty much the result of the Wilpon ownership’s insistence on not paying above slot recommendations in the draft. They’ve done a really strong job in Latin America over the years, with Mejia, Flores, Puello, Rodriguez, Urbina, Martinez and Familia all being a result of that work, but this system could be consistently strong like their city rival’s or Boston’s if they did more with the draft. The top-4 here is pretty solid, with Mejia, Flores and Harvey all regarded as consensus top-100 prospects, and many have Puello on their lists as well. Havens could easily join that group if he can stay healthy, too, given that injuries have been the main thing holding him back. Beyond those guys, there’s a bevy of interesting outfielders and some big-armed pitchers, but they’re all pretty raw outside of Nieuwenhuis and Martinez, who may end up as fourth outfielders, though. There are some nice prospects in this system, but the depth isn’t great and this is somewhere that Sandy Alderson presumably plans on addressing.


Pedro Martinez is looking return to baseball and his name has come up in connection with the St. Louis Cardinals, according to FOX SPORTS MIDWEST. The former Red Sox star is looking to return to the game after sitting out last season and could be a candidate to replace Adam Wainwright, who’s out for the 2011 season with Tommy John surgery. Martinez, 39, is a three-time Cy Young winner and eight-time All-Star. Other free agents who could be in the mix include former Tiger Jeremy Bonderman and 16-game loser Kevin Millwood from the Orioles. Kyle McClellan, a reliever for the Red Birds the last few years is apparently the in house leader to replace Wainwright.


Every year, a prospect comes into camp, usually a highly touted flame-throwing pitching prospect that everyone is eager to see, and is so impressive it gets everyone talking about the possibility of him making the team, even though he has no realistic chance. Last year it was Jenrry Mejia, who was so impressive that the Mets actually gave in to their urges and broke camp with him in their bullpen. That said much less about the talents of Mejia and more about the general discombobulation of the Mets organization.



A procession of pitchers took their turns on the mound, all of them looking promising in these first days of spring training. And then Jenrry Mejia took his turn and it was something far different. It wasn’t just the crowd of front office executives and scouting types huddled around the batting cage. Even the fans who lined the fence around the field knew they were seeing something far more promising. And in that undeniable potential lies the dilemma.


Don’t count out Ruben Tejada. Though the 21-year-old infielder technically isn’t part of the Mets’ second base competition, manager Terry Collins hasn’t closed the door completely on the possibility of Tejada claiming the position by the end of camp. “I have not seen Ruben Tejada very much, but I’m watching his batting practice, and he’s not hitting the ball out of the ballpark, but he is putting as good a swing on the baseball as anybody in this camp,” Collins said Thursday. “We’ve got a guy [in Tejada] we know can play second base. If his bat comes around, he may be that guy, who knows?”



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