Q&A: Wainwright, Pujois, Darvish, Steve Matz, D.J. Carassco, Castillo

Thursday – Q&A:

Darnell James to me:

When are you making this a paid site so you can make some money!!!!

So Adam Wainwright is headed towards TJ surgery placing him out o the loop for the next year or so. If he is on the DL his 2012 and 2013 options will not vest, thus sending him to free agency. In a class where the pitching sucks, do you think the Mets will offer him a contract? I mean they have to try right? Lol.

What does this mean for Pujols as well?

Is it true Darvish is coming to the states for the 2012 season?


Morning Darnell.

The final version of this site should be up and running by next week.

What the Mets do in the off-season regarding SPs is highly dependent upon a number of things going on this year. Will Johan Santana come back big? Is Mike Pelfrey for real? Ditto Jenrry Mejia. And, will Chris Young return to his old all-star form. These four could easily be 4/5ths of the 2012 rotation with Jon Niese filling in the SP5 role.

Teams still shy away from free agent TJS returnees who ask for big bucks.

I don’t think the status of Wainwright effects Albert in any way. He will either sign somewhere else in the $300mil range, or $250 for the Cardinals.

I keep hearing all sorts of things about Darvish. My guess is he will come stateside.


Mack question to SP Steve Matz: “Hey Buddy… how’s it going down there in ST?

Matz: – “Mmy spring training experience has been great. Getting down here Feb 1st is definitely beneficial for me. Getting in the warm weather and getting started with the Mets weight lifting and conditioning program especially. It’s so nice to get outdoors finally and throw. It’s real laid back this time of year and there’s a bunch of good guys down here so It’s been real enjoyable. Hopefully this warm weather will help me get my arm going and I can be back on the mound soon.”

(there’s going to take their time with Steve, who is still coming back from TJS. Watch for him to stay in extended camp and start the season for one of the short season team, most probably Brooklyn.


Mack question to D.J. Carassco: “How’s everything going in ST for you so far?”

Carassco: “Every thing has been awesome!! The weather first of all is welcomed from all the ice we had in TX. Fishing has picked up so that always a positive. I try and go almost everyday if i can. This has to be the most convenient spring I’ve had by far, the complex is just right down the road, great place to walk the dog, shopping is near and the wife loves it so it makes spring training a lot easier. It’s always an adventure meeting new teammates but everybody has been very easy to approach and friendly with all of us sharing a common goal PLAYOFFS!!!”


Ira asked: “Hey Mack, did it bother you that Luis Castillo reported so late to camp?”

Mack: “Well, first of all, he didn’t report late. He arrived on the day he was asked to arrive; however, the media, in general, and Manager Terry, in particular, made an almost big deal out of this. I have always had the highest respect for Castillo, who I personally watched working out in the batting cage for at least an hour more than anyone else stayed on the field (two years ago at ST). I hate it when fans bitch and moan about a player’s salary and for some reason holds it against the player. It’s not his fault the Mets offered him a deal at six million bucks a year. He still is the best second baseman in the Mets camp, but I’m convinced his days are numbered.”


Mathew from Queens asks: “Mack, does this team have any chance of making the playoffs in 2011?”

Mack: “Mathew, every team has a chance. Look at the 2010 San Francisco Giants. Realistically, I don’t think any fan should go into this season expecting this team to make the playoffs. Instead, I would root as hard as I could for this team to continue to develop into a future powerhouse in the National League. Whether you like it or not, this is going to be a season dominated with “negative waves”… i.e. Ollie, Madoff, Beltran, Reyes, Castillo… 2010 brought some pleasant surprises in R.A. Dickey and Ike Davis. 2011 will hopefully do the same with guys like Chris Young, and Daniel Murphy. You know I believe this whole game starts and ends with pitching (again… look to San Francisco) and the loss of Johan Santana for possibly the year does not help a team with an already suspect rotation. Too much has to happen to make this team make the playoffs, but continued development of Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese, plus big years by Young, Jenrry Mejia (Buffalo) and Matt Harvey (St. Lucie-Binghamton) could make 2012 very exciting.


2 Responses to Q&A: Wainwright, Pujois, Darvish, Steve Matz, D.J. Carassco, Castillo

  1. mash says:

    Mack, I agree with all that you said about luis

    He didnt arrive late, he came on time but Collins sounded a bit like an ass the way he portrayed luis coming on time
    The media took it and ran with it and then everyone felt kind of bad i bet when they found out about his brother

    And onto luis being the best 2 bagger on the team, i also agree. As far as the glove is concerned. I watched a video not sure if it was rubin or cerrones but luis’ actions are so much quicker and smooth than the other guys going for 2nd. But collins has come out to say it will be a offensive position first so Castillo looks out

  2. Mack Ade says:

    I’m not used to all this manager chatter, especially before a single pitch has been pitched in ST

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