Mack Draft: – Lenny Linsky, Brian Dupra, Michael Zunino, Taylor Jungmann, Carson Baranik

•Hawaii relief pitcher Lenny Linsky continued his solid start to the season as he also pitched 1.1 innings striking out two batters. Some scouts are stating that he could go in the top three rounds as he is throwing in the mid-90′s and is the best pro prospect on the islands besides Kolten Wong.  


Really happy to see Notre Dame SR RHP Brian Dupra healthy and pitching well (7 IP 7 H 2 ER 0 BB 5 K) once again. Dupra looked like a top five round lock heading into his junior year, but injury and ineffectiveness forced him into returning for his senior year in an attempt to reestablish his draft stock. I haven’t heard anything about his stuff on Friday, but if it reached pre-injury levels (mid-90s FB, hard cutter, good low-80s SL), then he could position himself as one of the top college power pitching prospects, as well as easily the most desirable college pitching senior sign.  


Michael Zunino – Zunino is yet another player that added some strength to his frame in the last six months. He’s somewhat similar to Fontana in that I really like his actions defensively, as Zunino has nice lateral movement, soft hands and a strong arm as a catcher, but I’m not so sure how well he’s going to hit at the next level. There is power in his swing, as he doesn’t get cheated, but there are also holes in that swing too. Like so many of the Florida hitters, he will take pitchers and draw his fair share of walks while working the count, but he is also going to swing and miss quite a bit as well.- 


Texas ace Taylor Jungmann was right there with Cole, twirling a shutout of his own. It took him just 95 pitches to beat Maryland and the junior right-hander allowed five hits and one walk while striking out nine. He showed three plus pitches, sitting at 94 mph comfortably all game.


For righthander Carson Baranik from Parkway High in Bossier City, La., it inspired him to take his game to the next level and he’s touched 95 mph recently.”During the summer I’d be out there playing and I’d look around the field and I just noticed how, honestly, how much weaker I was than a lot of the other guys out there and how much more in shape they were,” Baranik said. “So I started putting the pieces together that I wasn’t, physically, where I needed to be really. After Jupiter I got home—and I didn’t throw as well in Jupiter as I wanted to—so me and my dad started talking and just thought about maybe trying some new things. Because I had the strength to throw hard, I just wasn’t putting everything together.”  


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