Cutnpaste: – Kai Gronauer, Alonzo Harris, Jenrry, Willie Harris, Ike

Kai Gronauer:

His office instead is an oversized catcher’s locker at Digital Domain Park, five stalls down from Nickeas (who played for Great Britain in the Barcelona tournament) and four down from starting backstop Josh Thole. Unlike those two, Gronauer will not break camp with the Mets; he’ll probably be among the first players cut for the second consecutive spring. But there’s little shame in that. In fewer than three years, the 24-year-old has transformed himself from an international question mark to a legitimate catching prospect in big league camp.


Alonzo Harris:
In 2011, Alonzo Harris will probably repeat the South Atlantic League in the hope of improving fundamental aspects of his game which fall short. Unless Harris makes significant adjustments, he’s little more than an interesting organizational player at this point who will stick around professional baseball for a number of years due to his athleticism and profile as a “wild card”.



Clouds formed over Digital Domain Park this morning, so we headed inside for a moment. The fine folks at Baseball America released their list of the Top 100 prospects. Only one Met cracked the first half of the list. That, of course, would be pitcher Jenrry Mejia, who will start the Grapefruit League opener on Saturday here against Atlanta. BA ranked Mejia No. 44 in the game. He was No. 56 last year. Progress!


Willie Harris:

We don’t think of players like Willie Harris being killers. When we think of Yankees Killers, for instance, we think of Cliff Lee, who always looks as if he’s pitching from Little League distance against them, or Manny Ramirez, who always looked as if he was taking aim at 225-foot fences against them. Even Mets killers are usually blunt about their murderous intentions. I believe Pat Burrell hit 463 home runs against the Mets when he was a Phillie. What, it was only 36? Well, if you say so … Willie Stargell definitely hit 60 against them for his career. Chipper Jones named his kid Shea, for crying out loud. Dontrelle Willis was 11-3 against them, before he was af flicted with Chuck Knoblauch’s arm


“I’ve just got to get ready for the season,” said the 23-year-old, who was among the first position players to arrive in camp. “Last year was different just in that I had to open eyes and show what I could do so maybe I would get called up. This year I just need to be prepared to play the season. As long as I’m doing well in the season, that’s all that really matters.”



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