“The Keepers” Update: Nelfi Zapata, Peter Birdwell, Nestor Moreno, Hunter Carnevale, Brett Mitchell

93. Nelfi Zapata – C

Zapata was the Mets’ 19th round draft pick, in 2009.

He played 2009 for the GCL Mets: .261/.341/.370/.710 in 119-AB

2010 was a year with Kingsport: .247/.327/.312/.639 in 186-AB


2011 Forecast: Zapata came out of the box in 2010 like gangbusters and has basically been a disappointment since. Currently, this is an organization with very few catcher prospects and 2011 will be a critical year for Zapata. Look for him to start in Brooklyn, unless the Mets go catcher in the first round of the draft.



94. Peter Birdwell

Birdwell was drafted in the 25th round of the 2010 draft by the Mets.

2010: Started the season for the GCL Mets (0-0, 0.00, 1.0-IP) but was promoted to Kingsport the next day. Yearly stats: 2-1, 3.94, 16-G, 1-start, 32.0-IP, 28-K, 21-BB.


9-4-10: – 2011 Projection: – Birdwell was another senior that signed with the Mets with no big fanfair. The good news here is the 18-years experience he already has on the mound. Had a decent season except for the fact that he almost gave up as many walks as the strikeouts he tossed. Birdwell will pitch next season as a 24-year old, so the Mets need to push him on the Savannah so they can find out if they have something here.



95. Nestor Moreno –


Moreno first played for the VSL Mets in 2007 (.237 in 198-AB) and again in 2009 (.320 in 244-AB).

He started the 2010 season for the DSL Mets (.228 in 57-AB) but was promoted to the GCL-Mets when there was a shortage of first basemen in the system . He hit .314 in 70 at bats for GCL.

9-22-10 2011 Forecast – Moreno is pretty far down the first base pecking order, but every team needs one and he stands a good chance of being the starter next spring, either in Kingsport or again with the GCL Mets.



96. Hunter Carnevale:

9-15-10 – 2011 Forecast: – Carnevale pitched in 17 games in 2010, five for Brooklyn (0-0, 18.00) and 12 for Kingsport (3-1, 3.86). He also had 35-Ks in 28.1-IP which is one of the reasons I have him going straight to Savannah next season.



97. Brett Mitchell


Drafted in the 12th round of the 2010 draft by the New York Mets. Signed, and immediately assigned to Kingsport for the 2010 season.

6-26-10: – Mitchell got off to a fantastic start last night for Kingsport , pitching 5.0 innings, giving up only one earned run while striking out eight.


7-7-10: – Mitchell pitched another gem last night and we need to add him to our watch list for The Keepers… stats so far this season: 3-G, 2-1, 1.65, 0.97, 2.20-RA9, .300-BABIP, 2.26-FIP

Final 2010 stats: 2-2, 5.94, 8-ST, 42-K, 36.1-IP

9-23-10 2011 forecast: Mitchell got off to a great start for Kingsport, but gave up 21 earned runs in his last five outings. Watch for him to return to Kingsport for a second shot next spring.


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