Stock: Luis Castillo, Chris Young, Howard Johnson, Kent Tsujimoto

Down: 2B Luis Castillo – So, let me ask you a question. You’re being paid six million bucks a year to play baseball, the media heat has been on you for two years, web sites are being invented weekly calling for your lynching, and your team turns over the entire management package for the new season. Finally, all the team leaders are arriving to camp early to show some kind of solidarity thing, and what do you do? You show up on the last day that was left before you would begin to docked pay. I’ve always been a supporter of Castillo, but I can’t back him on this one. He just gave the Mets the excuse they needed to screw the pooch.

Up: SP Chris Young – everyone in the Mets camp agree on one thing and that is the fact that the addition of Chris Young just may turn out to be the steal of the year. So far, he looks 110% and history has already proven that this guy can dominate when he’s at 100%. We’ll get our first look at him on the mound probably this weekend so keep your fingers crossed.

Down: Hitting Coach Howard Johnson – this is a very bad move by a new administration. Are you telling me that this guy was good enough to instruct major league players on hitting, but he’s not valuable enough to keep in the system and work with potential major leaguers like Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Lucas Duda, Matt den Dekker, etc.? HoJo didn’t overpay anyone, nor did he cause any of the injuries the past three years. He should still be a Met. Period.

Up: RHP Kent Tsujimoto – The Mets quietly signed Tsijimoto to a minor league contract over the weekend. This was one of the phenom 15-year olds that turned pro in Japan a few years back. Now 22, he has come back from back problems to pitch great for Maui in the Golden Baseball League: 12Ks per 9 innings, 2.88 ERA… consistenly hit 94 last season. Can’t hurt to give him a shot in Lucy or Binghamton.


2 Responses to Stock: Luis Castillo, Chris Young, Howard Johnson, Kent Tsujimoto

  1. susana says:

    Hey Mack, didn’t the Mets give HoJo the option of being hitting coach in either single-a or double-a and he declined?

    • Mack Ade says:

      Susana, I hadn’t heard that, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

      Still, going from the Mets batting coach to single-A isn’t much of an offer… he has earned at least being knocked down one level, like overall batting coach for the minors

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