Draft Dope: – Tucker, Mahtook, Hahn, Weiss, Davis, Nastold, O’Sullivan, Wong, Tobias, Howard

Florida’s Preston Tucker started out the season playing right field instead of first base, allowing Austin Tucker to hold down the bag…


LSU’s Mikie Mahtook has been moving down the top outfield prospect list this off-season, so I guess he wanted to send out notice that us so-called experts need to return him to one of the top three outfielders available in the draft. Mahtook hit four home runs in the first three days of the season, which is quite impressive especially since he (like everyone else) is now hitting with a less dynamic bat…


I really don’t know enough about the James Madison program, but I think I better change that real quick. As of close of business Saturday night, they hit 20 home runs in the first three games of their season…

ASU’s Cory Hahn was taken off the field on a stretcher last Sunday after being knocked unconscious while taking a knee to his head while attempting to steal second base… turned out to be a C-5 fracture of the spinal cord, and our prayers go out to him for a speedy recovery.
UCLA’s Adam Plutko, fastball Sunday sat at 88-89, hitting 92…


Texas freshman 3B sensation Eric Weiss has reached safely on base in 14 of his first 15 at bats this season…
Baylor freshman pitcher Trae Davis hit 95 Sunday, plus went 2-0 in both weekend games… was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 29th round of the 2010 draft out of Mexia H.S., Texas.

Louisville pitcher Mike Nastold’s first outing after coming back from TJS was a successful one, throwing 28 strikes in 49 pitches, and hitting 94 on the gun. Nastold’s last outing was May, 5,2009.

Florida International’s top recruit, Ryan O’Sullivan, was ruled academically ineligible and has transferred to Oklahoma City College. According to sources, O’Sullivan just didn’t care enough about school and felt he had enough talent to play some day in the majors without hitting the books. His older brother, who was considered less talented than Ryan, is already in the majors.

The mock drafts are starting to come more often and, now that Hawaii’s Kolten Wong has been moved from the outfield to second base, it looks like he has replaced University of Florida verbally committed Josh Tobias as the only first round second baseman in the upcoming draft.

One of the players rushing up the mock drafts is Prescott High School (AZ.) LHP Michael Howard, who has been “drafted” in the last three drafts that have come out, including as a first rounder in two of them. Howard is verbally committed to Baylor.


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