I May Be Wrong, But…

1. Johan Santana explained the timeline on his return, which includes tossing and stretching for the next three months, then off the mound, and then rehab assignments. If you do the math, this guy will not be back until late July or early August, and that’s if there is no setback. Seems like there’s a good chance he will not play 2011.


2. I see that the powers to be ruled in favor of the Mets in the Yorvit Torrealba arbitration deal. I remember being told, when that happened, that the contract was filled out and literally being passed across the table, when Omar asked one more question… have you ever juiced… Torrealba wouldn’t answer the question, the contract was pulled back across the table, and the rest is, so-called, history.


3. Sorry to see Howard Johnson go. My best HoJo story comes from ST three years ago. I was sneaking a cigarette with the guard by the gate into the complex and right behind me, inside the fence, was David Wright signing a few balls. The fans and Ebay sluts outside the gate were going nuts, when HoJo walked by on the way to one of the back fields. Some 70+ dude with a thick Long Island accent yells out to him “HEY!”. Not hello, or excuse me, Mr. Johnson… Johnson stops and turns towards the guy who thrusts a baseball his way and says: “GO GET ME DAVID WRIGHT’S AUTOGRAPH!”. HoJo looks at me and the guard, anll three of us laugh, while the dude looks at us saying “WHAT?”…

4. It was interesting to see Manager Terry’s positive comments on outfielders Lucas Duda and Kirk Nieuwenhuis. He said he was impressed with both players and could see them coming to Queens during the season to help out. The interesting thing is no one talks about Fernando Martinez anymore.



5. It’s interesting that, after only one day in the college baseball season, people are already doing the stats on the amount of home runs hit with the new bats verses years in the past. The percentage was quite lower, but, like I said, it was only a one day sample. Also, far less if no ping at all.


6. Bad luck of the day award Friday goes to Florida SP Alex Panteliodis. “Johnny Pants” is scheduled to be the SP5 for Florida, who was way ahead Friday night, so they asked Pants to pitch the last inning. Don’t you know he gives up two earned runs and now starts the season off with an 18.00 ERA. Remember this guys… when your favorite team drafts a pitcher and he stats out with a 5.00+ ERA. It may have just been one bad outing early in the season.


7. Luis Castillo did show up at camp on Sunday and explained to Coach Terry that he couldn’t arrive earlier due to a family illness. Err… how about a phone call, tweet, text, whatever…


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