Cutnpaste: – Beltran on CF/RF, Jon Matlack, David and HoJo, K-Rod and Terry, Tuefel and Maddoff

Beltran on CF/RF:

“If I feel good physically and my knee is responding well, and I’m moving well out there, then I would love to play center field,” Beltran said. “But, at the same time, in my mind this is not my last year in the big leagues. I want to play for many more years. & I understand if my knee is causing me problems and it’s best for me in the long term of my career to move to right field, in which I have to run less than center field, then I have to make that move also. But, at the same time, I told Terry, I told Sandy that I would give them a better answer once I finish my running program.”  


Jon Matlack:
Jonathan Trumpbour Matlack was born in West Chester Pennsylvania on January 19, 1950. He was selected fourth by the Mets in the 1967 Major League Baseball Amateur Draft, He was immediately sent to the Mets Rookie Ball affiliate in Williamsport. In 1968, Jon was promoted to the Mets Double A team in Raleigh Durham North Carolina, where he would finish the season with a record of 13-6 with a 2.76 ERA. In 1969 , Jon was promoted to the Mets Triple A team, Tidewater Tides. He would spend the next two seasons with the Tides.


David and HoJo:
While I can appreciate Wright’s feelings for Hojo, there is no questioning the Met’s decision not to retain him as hitting coach. It was the organization’s delay in reappointing him that was cited as the reason for his exit Friday. Whether or not this delay was a calculated decision, we may never be known. However, by allowing him to leave on his own accord, the Mets avoid having to fire one of the most popular Mets of all time. Now the team can move forward and new hitting coach, Dave Hudgens, can operate without his predecessor standing over his shoulder.


K-Rod and Terry:
Last season, Rodriguez wasn’t thrilled with the number of times he was told to sit down after getting warm in the bullpen. That included a 20-inning game in St. Louis in which Rodriguez estimated he threw 100 pitches in the bullpen. “I told [Collins], ‘Whenever you get me up, it doesn’t matter if you get me up in the eighth inning, as long as you get me up, get me in the game,’ ” Rodriguez said. “He said, ‘Don’t worry, that’s the way it’s going to be.’ “


Tuefel and Madoff :

Former New York Mets infielder Tim Teufel, currently the organization’s Triple-A manager, has gotten entangled in the Bernard Madoff mess. Teufel, a Mets employee who invested with Madoff because of his association with the Wilpon family, which owns the team, is being sued by trustee Irving Picard in the same U.S. Bankruptcy Court where Mets ownership faces a $1 billion lawsuit for allegedly profiting from the Ponzi scheme, according to court records. The trustee seeks to recover $1,232,463 in “fictitious profits” — money allegedly withdrawn over principal invested — from Teufel for two accounts owned by his family  


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