The Pujois Math

I really don’t mean to keep beating the same drum, but my mind can’t help returning to the chance of obtaining the services of the best player in the game.

So, you pay this guy $30mil a year for 10 years. That’s $300mil.

You have 81 home games a year… 810 over 10 years.

That translates to $374K a home game.

Conservatively, let’s say each person attending a home Met game spends an average of $100 for a ticket and parking, if any.

That means all the Mets have to do is average 3,740 more fans attending each home game, and Albert is free.

Plus, we didn’t add anything for merchandising sales.

Am I doing this wrong?


2 Responses to The Pujois Math

  1. Bud says:

    …and I thought you weren’t obsessed with the Pujols idea

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