Do GM’s Change Rosters?… Does A Wood Chuck Chuck Wood?

“Mash” left a comment on my “2011 Predictions” post:

Hey Mack, good stuff. I really hope Reyes doesn’t get traded this year or let go at all, but you and all the other writers see it happening. How likely do you think it really is?

The answer lays in the changing if the guard.

It really isn’t one particular player that gets pushed aside when a new General Manager comes in. Actually, it tends to be the whole team.
Look at the last couple of regime changes:

2004 was the last year as Jim Duguette as General Manager of the Mets.

There were 18 players that had more than 100 at-bats that season:

Mike Cameron – 493, Kazuo Matsui – 460, Mike Piazza – 455, Cliff Floyd – 396, Jason Phillips – 362 – Todd Zeile 348 – Richard Hidalgo 324 – Ty Wigginton – 312 – Eric Valent – 270 – David Wright 263 – Jose Reyes – 220 – Shane Spencer – 185 – Vance Wilson 157 – Joe McEwing – 138 – Danny Garcia – 138 – Wilson Delgado – 130 – Gerald Williams – 129 – Jeff Keppinger – 169 –

Pitching wise, only 10 pitchers pitched more than 50 innings:

Tom Glavine – 212.1, Steve Trachsel – 2.02,2, Al Leiter – 173.2, Jae-Wong Seo – 117.2, Bradon Looper – 83.1, Mike Stanton – 77.0, Ricky Bottalico – 69.1, Matt Ginter – 69.1, Kris Benson – 68.0, Dan Wheeler – 50.2

2007 was the third year for Omar Minaya to be the General Manager of the Mets.

Of the 28 players listed above in the last Duquette year, only David Wright, Jose Reyes, and Tom Glavine  remained
What about the last year of Joe McIlvane (1997), to three years later under Steve Phillips?

Only Edgardo Alfonzo, Rey Ordonez, Matt Franco and Todd Prett remained as every day players and Bobby Jones and John Franco were the two pitchers to survive.


Look… 21 regular day players and 22 pitchers played last year for the Mets… 


that’s 43 players…


and 18 are already gone before the first spring training game…



2 Responses to Do GM’s Change Rosters?… Does A Wood Chuck Chuck Wood?

  1. PM says:

    Reyes will not be signed. Neither will Wright.
    Auctioneer Alderson was put in place by MLB.
    It wouldn’t be right to give a firesale team to Backman.
    Collins was retired anyway so no harm no foul.

  2. mash says:

    Honored to make a post!

    But yes Mack, I agree

    you do hear most players acknowledge this is a business and with the new regime in place I dont see them being loyal to many Mets

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