Cutnpaste: – No HoJo, Dave Magadan, Lius Castillo, Jeff Wilpon, Jose Canseco

No HoJo:

Howard Johnson, the ousted hitting coach and popular veteran of the 1986 championship Mets, has left the organization, according to sources. Johnson was initially expected to remain with the Mets in some capacity. Johnson played for the Mets from 1985-1993, joined the coaching staff in 2007 as first base coach, and later became the hitting instructor. He served in that role under Jerry Manuel, and while he seemed headed for reassignment once the team dismissed Manuel at the end of last year, team insiders assumed that Johnson would find another role.   

Dave Magadan:

Yeah, I know, Dave Magadan at #22. I should probably explain this one, seeing that the most home runs he hit in a season was 6, and the Mets once tried to get him to take a pay cut in arbitration. (They settled on a slight raise.) Magadan’s case comes down to three things: his ability to get on-base, his defense, and his clutchitude.  

Luis Castillo:’s Jon Heyman reports that Oliver Perez will get a longer chance to win a roster spot than Luis Castillo. The odds are good that both will wind up getting released, but evidently Perez will have a longer leash. He’s a longshot to win a spot in the rotation but could perhaps end up as a left-handed specialist in the bullpen. Castillo will compete for the second base job and will likely be handed his walking papers if he doesn’t win that competition.  

Jeff Wilpon:

Instead, the public relations campaign is officially on, now that Jeff Wilpon is predicting Sterling Equities will beat a $1 billion lawsuit by bankruptcy trustee Irving Picard. The younger Wilpon sought to assure fans he and Fred not only are going to keep their money, they’re keeping the Mets in their suffocating embrace, too.  

Jose Canseco:
One of baseball’s most colorful and controversial figures is looking to make a comeback as a player at age 46, and his agent thinks Japan might be the place where Jose Canseco can resume his checkered career. Nello Gamberdino, based in Chicago, represents the former major league superstar, and he has recently contacted all 12 Central and Pacific League teams, asking for a tryout for the one-time big league home run king and American League MVP.  


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