I May Be Wrong, But…

1. Pitching coach Dan Wathen was quoted on Friday saying that P Jenrry Mejia is eventually projected to be a relief pitcher. Why in the hell would you say something like this about a kid you’ve already screwed with once, now have him back on track as a starter in Buffalo, and now he has to read this shit? This just goes to show that all of Omar’s people aren’t gone yet.


2. Day 1, Spring Training… this isn’t the day where jobs are won, but it easily could be the day when the Mets begin to realize that someone has gone south. We saw this when John Maine threw his first 20 pitches off the mound and there simply wasn’t any velo left. And we sws this when Freddy Garcia took his first pitches on the mounds next to the clubhouse and there just wasn’t anything there. And sometimes you get false hope. Oliver Perez put smiles on the brass’ faces when he pitched for the first time last year on Day 1. Yes, the velo was only in the high 80s, but he looked good and he was throwing strikes.


3. The mystery of the disappearance of Reese Havens has finally been exposed by Adam Rubin (do you know why Rubin finds out more shit than everyone else? Simple, he’s always working…). Seems Havens had rib surgery about eight weeks ago. Dr. James Andrews shaved some bone off of one rib that was irritating Reese’s obligue. Havens says he’ll be ready for spring training. Remember, the only thing that is preventing him from starting in Queens is his health. Trust me, if he plays big in Buffalo this year, the Daniel Murphy experiment at second base could end around September.


4. Oliver Perez met with the Mets brass on Monday and asked to compete in ST as a starter. He was granted his request, which frankly makes it an even longer shot to make the 25-man coming out of camp. I give him credit. He’s only 29 and knows even if the Mets cut him, someone will pick him up for the back end of a bad rotation. He’s got eleven million reasons to go through the humiliation of the next 45 days. Trust me, you and I would lick the third rail for $11mil.


5. I see that Jason Isringhausen showed up at ST on Tuesday for a tryout for a minor league contract. I hate it when old guys try to ignore Father Time and compete with the new generation. Next thing he’ll be begging for donations on the internet.


6. Scouting Book’s Top Mets Prospects for 2011

1. Jenrry Mejia RHP (#54 overall)
2. Wilmer Flores SS (#75 overall)
3. Reese Havens SS (#142 overall)
4. Fernando Martinez OF (#150 overall)
5. Dillon Gee RHP (#159 overall)
6. Matt Harvey RHP (#166 overall)
7. Kirk Nieuwenhuis OF (#169 overall)
8. Lucas Duda OF (#186 overall)
9. Bradley Holt RHP (#200 overall)
10. Cesar Puello OF (#216 overall) – http://www.scoutingbook.com/blog/New-York-Mets-Top-2011-Prospects  




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