Cutnpaste: – John Maine, Michael Young, Mookie, Scouting Book on Mets Prospects, Strength of 2011 College Draft

John Maine:

John Maine remains unsigned, but the Philadelphia Phillies continue to appear the most likely landing spot for the right-hander, a baseball source told Maine’s agent Rex Gary recently suggested the former Met is feeling good following last year’s shoulder surgery.

Michael Young:
Even if Young were willing to accept a trade to the Mets, my source, says the club is ultra-concerned about tying up future dollars (Young is due $16 million in both 2012 and ’13) and did not see Young as a cost-effective player for the future. In addition, Young has not played second base since 2003 and the Mets were concerned about guessing that he could simply slide back over to the position. Also, the Mets are curious about what they have in second-base candidates Daniel Murphy and Rule 5 pick Brad Emaus, plus Reese Havens for the possible near future. The new Met front office also was concerned about disrupting the opening of camp under a new regime with such complicated discussions, especially if Young were only interested in the Mets as a way to get out of a place he has learned to hate more. The Mets have had to deal with too many messy issues of late and wanted to avoid potentially being thrust into another. 


Wilson would claim that he was going to beat out the ground ball anyway. Bill Buckner was suffering from an ankle injury at the time, and Wilson was obviously busting out of the box. It certainly would have been close, but it’s not really important. Had Buckner fielded the ball cleanly, Knight would have had to stop at third, keeping the game tied. But, you know, he didn’t.  


Scouting Book on Mets Prospects:
There are so many things wrong with the Mets franchise these days that it seems almost cruel to judge them for their farm, but the sad fact remains that the New York farm system is one of baseball’s weakest. The brightest star in the system, enigmatic Jennry Mejia, was mishandled so badly in 2010 that it’s a wonder he’s still a prospect at all. As the Mets hopefully lay off their young pitcher and simply let the boy throw, a small number of other prospects with strong upsides will hope that their own futures won’t be handled quite as callously. –

Strength of 2011 College Draft:
There’s no question that the draft crop is stronger this year than it was in 2010. Using the 20-80 scouting scale to rate the talent pools, 2010 would get a 40-45 and 2011 would get a 60-65. No matter how you slice it—college or high school, hitters or pitchers, various combinations thereof—this year’s draft is stronger. In 2010, Bryce Harper, Jameson Taillon and Manny Machado were clearly the best three prospects available. They’re also the only three players from a year ago who would be definite top-10 choices this June. Chris Sale and Drew Pomeranz are the only 2010 draftees who’d be locks to go in the top half of 2011’s first round, which will last 33 picks.  


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