Trading Draft Picks

Of the four major sports, baseball is the only one where you can’t trade a draft pick. It simply doesn’t make any sense, any longer.

It’s not like it’s going away. This is the 46th year of the draft, which has been modified a number of times over the year including supplement picks. To allow a team additional picks when players aren’t signed, you have to allow picks to be sold when players do sign. Everybody keeps telling me that this is a business. Well then add one of the most important tools to manage your business correctly.

Some will tell you that this will make the big market teams even bigger. Actually, it would benefit teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals much more than the Yankees and the Mets.

There is nothing wrong with the first picks going to the team with the worst win-loss record. This seems to be the only fair way to someday achieve equality in talent, but the problem is some teams simply can’t pay a nine figure salary and still make a buck at the end of the day.

Imagine if the Nats had the option to trade the picks for Steven Strasburg and Bryce Harper. Both could have easily attracted packages of three AAA/AA prospects with years of minimum salary options still in place. These picks could have translated into six top prospect players who have already proven their worth at lower levels. Washington wouldn’t be paying huge bonuses, their team salary would still be balanced, and they might have up to six every day players for the 2011 season.

On the other hand, what if the Yankees want an option to resigning an aging Derek Jeter for a gazillion bucks. Just trade one of your catcher prospects, plus two other players for Anthony Rendon and move A-Rod back to short.

My suggestion would be to institute a system in which only minor league players can be traded for a pick. This could be altered to include major league players down the road, but it seems to me a fair exchange would be all players involved still having a certain amount of guesswork involved. Strasburg has already proven nothing is a sure thing.


We learn every day to change in a better way. If I can tweet, and Egyptians can turn one into a revolution, than baseball can serve both their teams and their fans better.


You can do this.


2 Responses to Trading Draft Picks

  1. Jon says:

    If you expect people to read your blog don’t put a dark background on it making it illegible.

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