Cutnpaste: – Jesus Flores, Matt Harvey, Wally, Nails, and Dillon Gee

Jesus Flores:

Nationals catcher Jesus Flores says his right shoulder is 100 percent. On Monday, Flores was seen in the bullpen catching pitchers such as Garrett Mock and Tyler Clippard. “I feel very well. My shoulder is finally healthy,” Flores said. “This is a new year for me. I’m ready to compete physically and mentally. I’m excited to start [the exhibition season]. It’s a big thing for me. “I’m glad God and baseball are giving me another opportunity to be back. The last couple of years have been hard for me, and I don’t want to think about it.”¬ebook_id=16631706&vkey=notebook_was&c_id=was&partnerId=rss_was  

Matt Harvey:
The Mets grabbed one of the more perplexing prospects in college baseball when they nabbed Harvey in last year’s first round. The righty was hitting 97 on the gun and had good sink on his fastball during his junior year—while his changeup is one of the more developed of all the incoming prospects this season. He flashes a slider and a curve, and both have looked sharp. His mechanics aren’t great, and could pose an injury risk down the road if the Mets can’t fix it. Even so, the former Tar Heel looks like a potential high-end starter, if his recent form holds.

“It’s absolutely not different,” he said. “I treat all my players with respect, no matter what level. I think that’s why guys like playing for me. At this level, this is where they can prove what they can do.” Sandy Alderson brought Backman in for a second interview this offseason, but ultimately decided Collins was the right man to replace Jerry Manuel. Backman isn’t deterred. “I’m going to get a job in the majors,” Backman said. “My attitude is not going to change. I’m not arrogant. I’m just good at what I do.”

But this reputation may be somewhat undeserved. What some may not know is that the 1986 Mets were also the most impressively literary team in baseball history. Seven members of those wild Mets authored books, six of these noted authors releasing works between 1986 and 1991. Trapped inside these mustachioed rascallion ballplayers were the tortured souls of poets, searching for freedom in the Byzantine whimsy of both the game and the verse. Wilde, Plath, Frost, Dykstra: all sought release in the written word. The poets of Flushing fought and drank, sure, but so did Hemingway. And maybe Lenny Dykstra has claimed on multiple occasions to hate reading. But who hasn’t?  


Dillon Gee:
Dillon Gee told Andy McCullough of the Newark Star-Ledger that he hopes “to have an opportunity compete” for a spot in the starting rotation during spring training. Gee posted a 2.17 ERA and 17/15 K/BB ratio over five starts with the Mets last September, but he appears to be something of an insurance policy for the club after the additions of Chris Capuano and Chris Young. Of course, Capuano and Young haven’t been the most durable of pitchers during their careers, so Gee could be a factor at any time. Just don’t look for him to be much of a fantasy asset.  


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