Cutnpaste: – Oliver Perez, Albert Pujois, Larry King on Fred Wilpon, Brad Holt, and Mackey Sasser

Oliver Perez:
“When you’re doing your job, and you don’t have anything negative in your mind, everything can change. The media can say a lot of stuff, the Mets, the fans, but you have to take everything positive. I know they want to see the Oliver that was before, and I want to see it, too. That’s why I’m excited to be here and trying to take this like a challenge, I know the past two years, I didn’t pitch well, the way everybody [wanted] and the way I want to do it. But I’m healthy now and I’m ready to go.”   

Albert Pujois:

All-Star first baseman Albert Pujols has rejected a contract proposal from the St. Louis Cardinals, and unless a dramatic change is made, will announce Tuesday he’s ceasing contract talks for the duration of the season, a person close to Pujols told USA TODAY. Pujols, 31, eligible for free agency after the World Series, is seeking a 10-year contract, according to the person who requested anonymity because of the sensitive state of the negotiations.  

Larry King on Fred Wilpon:
“I don’t buy that — ‘known or should have known,’” King said. “A lot of people could tell you things. And sometimes if you’ve had a relationship with him, you’re not going to believe them. … See, I think Freddy is getting an enormous bad rap, because Freddy would never, ever do a dishonest thing, or screw a friend. He would be the last person in the world. … I think Freddy will not go down without swinging, and he won’t go down. I don’t think he’ll go down. The tragedy would be if he ever lost that team. I think that would be the tragedy of a lifetime. I pray it never happens.”  

Brad Holt:
It’s going to be an important season for Brad Holt in 2011. He had a horrid season in the minors in 2010, splitting time between Double-A Binghamton and Single-A St. Lucie, but enjoyed some success this past fall in the Arizona Fall League. Holt, 24, was a combined 3-14 with an 8.34 ERA between Binghamton and St. Lucie in 2011, but in 12 1/3 innings for the Mesa Solar Sox in the Arizona Fall League, Holt 2-1 with a 2.92 ERA, although he walked nine batters over that span.  

Mackey Sasser:
Why Mackey Sasser, as opposed to some other former Met who wore #2? I have to admit that this post almost honored a player I never saw, but read volumes of stories about: Marvelous Marv E. Throneberry — the player who once lost a ground ball in the sun and missed first base on a triple twice in the same inning (among other dramatics). I could have also chosen Jim Fregosi, who was traded for Nolan Ryan, but I was only one year old when that happened and therefore don’t remember much about it. Sticking to my policy of picking players I’ve seen and for some reason or another stick in my memory, the number 2s from the past weren’t particularly memorable — except for Mackey.


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