The Keepers – #41 – RP – Roy Merritt

41. RP Roy Merritt

The Mets drafted Merritt in the 29th round of the 2007 Mets. He played the 2007 season for Kingsport, pitching in 17 relief appearances and posting highly respected stats of 1-2, 2.88, 1.12.

In 2008, Merritt pitched a combined 3-0, 2.16, in 31 appearances for Brooklyn and St. Lucie.

2009 was a mixed year for Merritt. He was on the fast track out of spring training and actually stood a chance to make it to Queens on a September call-up; however, a hot start turned cooler later on in the year. AA stats: 4-5, 3.45, 1.48, 14-Sv, 56-K, 56-G, 62.2-IP.

1-1-10 Forecast: A lot more was expected of Merritt this past year. The Mets brass fell in love with him in spring training and everyone expected him to be a September call up. He has ++ talent and could make it there by the end of this year if he aces AAA.

9-30-10 – 2011 Forecast – I still remember spring training, when Merritt was invited to the parent clubhouse to pitch in one of the first exhibition games. Certain Mets brass were predicting he would be in Queens by the end of the season. This probably was the worst thing to happen to Roydrick because he was far from ready. Two decent seasons at AA (2009: 56 appearances, 3.45… and 2010: 60 appearances: 3.86) should have him ready for the last big hurtle in 2011. Watch for Roy to light it up in ST and make it interesting.

11-18-10: – RP Roy Merritt – 25/yrs. old – getting back to Mets minor league household names, we come to one of my favorites who I expected would have been in Queens by now. Merritt got us all excited three years and I was there when Omar invited him into the first Mets spring training game in 2009. Roy was on the fast track, and, for whatever reason the “old Mets” management seemed to always decide to screw with a pitchers mechanics. You guessed it… a year of bad road. Rebounded in 2010: 4-5, 3.86 in 60-appearacnes for B-Mets. This might me his last shot. 2011: Buffalo pen 2012: Queens or bust


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