Q and A – P – Guillaume Leduc

9-15-10 interview:

Mack: – Morning folks, today we’re talking with Guillaume Leduc, one of the up and coming relief pitchers the Mets are growing down on the farm. Bonjour, Guillaume.
Leduc: – Bonjour Mack, how are you?
Mack: – Good. Guillaume, take us back to that day when the Mets drafted you in the sixth round of the 2007 draft. How did that all go down?
Leduc: – It was an unbelievable day because I was given the chance to pursue my dream of playing professional baseball. I’ve strongly believed that hard work would always get rewarded and I’ve never given up on that dream.
I was very excited when my phone rang on the morning of draft day. The news of being drafted by the Mets came as a warm feeling of accomplishment for me. Hockey is a great sport for all my fellow French Canadian friends to have a chance to play at professional levels. Baseball is a sport that is under the radar in Québec. When I was given a chance to play a sport that i have great passion for, I was extremely thrilled about it. .
Mack: – I ask all you bonus babies the same question…. what was the first thing you bought with your bonus money?
Leduc: – The first thing I ended up buying were some electronics. Ipod, phone, just things like that. .
Mack: – FYI… 80% say it’s a new truck 🙂
Guillaume, you started out slowly, pitching in only six games for the GCL Mets in 2007, followed by two years for Kingsport, and this year for Savannah. Was there any injuries that held up your climb up the baseball ladder? .
Leduc: – Not too long after came a car though… ha ha.
Yes there were some significant injury set backs. I had shoulder problems for two years. In spring training of 2008 and also 2009, I was set back with right shoulder tendonitis, inflammation, and all together these two injuries pretty much sidelined me for those two spring trainings…also reducing my chances to make a long season team those years.
9-17-10: – 2011 Forecast: – Leduc pitched Savannah in 2010, going 1-2, 4.32, in 18 relief appearances. He also struck out 33 hitters in 33.1-IP. This should be enough for him at the low-A level and I expect him to start 2011 for Lucy. He will pitch 2011 as a 24-year old.


Mack: – You had a good season this year in Savannah and experienced your first professional playoff. I especially loved your K/IP ratio. Was there anything in particular that you did different this season? .

Leduc: – I spent a lot of time working on my curveball which helped a lot with the strikeouts. I think I also started to understand the ”game” in general this year; to understand the way hitters think. That knowledge helped me to coordinate my game in a much stronger way. I also improved my fastball, focusing on throwing it with a purpose. This concept again ties into the notion of understanding the hitter’s perspective.

Mack: – Last question. I’ve heard different theories on the “long toss”. Is this still the most effective way of increasing velocity for a pitcher?

Leduc: – I believe that it has to be the only way to help with velocity. You can learn how to pitch, you can learn how to throw strikes, but it is almost impossible to learn how to throw harder. That being said, I believe that having the opportunity to mix in a long toss here and there in your throwing program does have some positive results on the velocity. .

Mack: – I asked you that question because of the boys on our high school baseball team that read this… see guys!!!!!
Guillaume, thank you very much for your time and best of everything in the spring. I’ll see you in Lucy in March.

Leduc: – Alright, you are very welcome Mack. See you over in Florida.


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