Cutnpaste: – Stefan Welsh, Dave Hudgens, Albert, The Books, and Daniel Murphy

Stefan Welsh:

The long break did not appear to help the Perth Heat as they waited for two playoff series to finish before determining their opponent. Daniel Schmidt was not sharp, giving up all four Bite runs in their 4-3 loss. The key hit was a Stefan Welch 2-run double in the fourth. Welch also drove in the first run with an RBI ground out in the third to finish with three RBIs. Allan de San Miguel racked up four hits for the Heat in a losing cause and Evan McArthur contributed three hits, but they were outdone by the three RBIs from Welch. The Heat put two runners on in the ninth, but McArthur could not scratch out one more hit as he grounded out to end the game, Thomas Becker getting the last out to pick up the save. Ben Wigmore and Josh Cakebread each contributed three hits from the last two spots of the Bite order to score three of the four runs for the winners. –  

Dave Hudgens:
“Mechanically, it’s an individual thing. Everybody’s a little bit different, although most good hitters do a lot of things similar. I think phillosophy-wise, if you want to put a word on it, we’ve got to get on base. Whether that’s taking pitches, or whether it’s getting walks, or whether it’s hitting, you’ve got to get on base to score runs. You just want guys to have a good, solid approach — a good plan.”  


Another possibility is that Pujols will enforce the deadline now so that it constitutes a credible threat later. In doing so, Pujols could send a message to anyone else who might negotiate with him in the future, suggesting that he will keep his threats. Indeed, Pujols has in the past been consistent about not talking about contracts once spring training has begun. But all indications suggest that this upcoming contract is to be Pujols’ last major deal. He is already in his 30s, and any deal will almost certainly take him close to his age-40 season. So what negotiating reputation could there be left to preserve? –  

The Books:
Litigation against owners of the New York Mets in connection with the Madoff Ponzi scheme may result in the subpoenaing of financial documents from MLB’s central office, legal experts and industry observers said this week in interviews with Irving H. Picard, the trustee in the Madoff bankruptcy proceedings, is seeking $1 billion from Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz in a lawsuit alleging that they ignored warnings that Madoff was a fraud. Given the nature of the case, Picard has considerable latitude in the discovery process, experts say.  

Daniel Murphy:

The young Met was down-and-out for a few days after suffering a severe sprained medial collateral ligament in his right knee last season, for the second time. He was hit by a takeout slide at second base while trying to turn a double play during a minor league game for Buffalo, an injury that knocked him out for the season. That second injury came after he had clawed nearly all the way back from a knee injury at the end of spring training, just as he was set to go back north to Citi Field to play first base for the Mets.  


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