Flores Revisited

I wasn’t surprised to read Terry Collins’ comments that Wilmer Flores will most probably play St. Lucie for the 2011 season. He’s only 19-years old and, frankly, that’s the level he should be at. What did surprise me is the statement that Flores most probably will remain at shortstop for the entire year.

 Look, this is a real-time big bat and, as he continues to grow, mature, develop plate discipline, read pitchers, etc., you would hope the kid would be playing the position he’s going to have a future with someday. Flores is simply too slow for a major league shortstop and slots much better into first base, third base, or CitiField’s left field (I didn’t say right field which will take a certain level of defensive genius). I see Flores as the eventually replacement for Jason Bay, or an upgrade from Ike Davis, if Davis flops. But, there’s no way he’s going to play short.

This kid is a going to be a big time star in the major leagues. Wouldn’t you want your future cleanup hitter for, oh, let’s say, six to seven years to start playing the position he’s going to play when he gets to the Bigs?

What all this does is leave a void at shortstop in Binghamton. Ruben Tejada will play Buffalo in 2011, and the only person on the B-Mets’ 25-man that could play short right now would be Jordany Valdespin and journeymen Jon Malo and Matt Bouchard. Valdespin is ready for AAA, but there just isn’t an open slot there. I recently moved him back to second, but his natural position is short.

Another possibility for the B-Mets is Robbie Shields, who was a Mets prospect before going down for TJS. He’s old enough (23), but only has seven at-bats at the A+ level.

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