I May Be Wrong, But…


photo by Michael G. Baron

1. Infield shifting might be going on in the upper minor league levels to accommodate the layers of prospect material being developed there. There’s a good change that Jordany Valdespin will start 2011 as the Binghamton second baseman. (Remember… Buffalo is pretty set with Reese Havens on 2B, Ruben Tejada at SS, Zach Lutz at 3B, and Josh Satin as DH/1B). There’s no reason to sit him on the bench in Buffalo when he can get quality time at his natural position for the B-Mets. Anther “demotion” in order to accommodate the layers of talent would be the assignment of Rylan Sandoval as the second baseman in Savannah. Yes, he made an appearance at St. Lucie in 2010, but his success was in Brooklyn. Lastly, there simply are too many third baseman projected for the middle levels (Joe Bonfe, Aderlin Rodriguez, Brian Harrison), so we may see Jefry Marte reunited with his buddy Wilmer Flores in Binghamton this spring. All of this is based on none of these guys being moved out of the infield into possible 1B or OF roles in 2011.


2. Asking for donations suck. Every blog expert suggests you have a donation widget, though it’s seldom punched. I tried to raise funds for a hotel room at ST this week and even got some great help from Matt Cerrone, but the readers had a heyday with me. Painted me some pathetic old man with a tin cup. The comments made my wife cry. Enough of that.

3. There’s a good chance that we’ll see Wilmer Flores moving positions this year. It’s no big secret that he’s outgrowing shortstop and the Mets need to find a permanent position for who might become their top slugger some day. Where will he play? Definitely either the corner outfield or infield positions. The Mets right now have two great bats in the minors, Flores and Aderlin Rodriquez. Both currently play in the infield, yet both are projected for either a corner outfield position or first base. Let’s remember that Ike Davis only hit .260 last year and the string is still out on him. I project A-Rod as the successor for Jason Bay when his contract runs out, and Flores and Rodriguez on the corners. 

4. Every new management team likes to stockpile their own minor leaguers who have either served them well in the past, or have been observed by the new brass when they worked for old teams. There’s a big logjam developing in both the Buffalo and Binghamton outfields and I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t see a lot of the old names disappear before the season starts.

On paper,  Fernando Martinez, Brahiam Maldonado, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, D J Wabick, Val Pasccuchi, Scott Hairston, and Jason Pridie are in the Buffalo  outfield, with Lucas Duda moved over to first. My guess is Martinez, Nieuwenhuis, Hairston, and Maldonado will survive, with Duda acting as the 5th option… Binghamton wise, it’s even more crowded: Pedro Zapata, Sean Ratliff, Carlos Guzman, Rafael Fernandez, Quinton Berry, Lorenzo Scott are on paper and there’s only room for four. Right now, only Scott and Berry’s future look solid.

5. As best as I can determine, Rick Tomlin has replaced Rick Waits as the minor league pitching honcho. No one seems to remember any announcement to this, but three sources have told me they believe it is Tomlin.

6. Sunday will return us all to actual reporting on Mets ballplayers doing what they do best. Hopefully, we can all put aside talks about banks, schemes, lies, and bullshit and just concentrate on what’s going on during the time that pitchers and catchers have officially reported. One of the funnest times to be around the players. Can’t wait to see what develops.


4 Responses to I May Be Wrong, But…

  1. Ed Baugh says:

    You do great work for Met’s fans everywhere. People who make comments like that are typical of the entitlement mentality that is so rampant now. You might want to change the second paragraph of #4 first sentence from Binghamton to Buffalo.

  2. beelzebot says:

    I like reading your stuff. One theme I always see pop up is comments, I think you should stop worrying about what anonymous losers on the internet say about you. I realize you want to read comments so you can respond to legitimate ones, but if someone is a jerk, let it go, not worth your time.

  3. mash says:

    hey mack

    just wanted to let you know i read on Adam Rubins blog that Terry Collins has said Wilmer Flores will start at St Lucie this year and will remain at short…just wanted to give you a heads up for all of your roster projections

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