Cutnpaste: – Scouting, Kevin McReynolds, Dale Thayer, Chris Capuano, and Pujois Deadline


In contrast to Omar Minaya’s method of assigning pro scouts to a large number of major league teams (special assistant Bryan Lambe, for example, covered the entire National League last year), Alderson’s Mets will charge each pro scout with covering just three organizations, but far more comprehensively than before – from the low minor leagues to the major league club. J.P. Ricciardi will oversee their work.  

Kevin McReynolds:
Longest consecutive successful stolen base streaks in Mets history: 33 steals – Kevin McReynolds: McReynolds stole 21 bases without being caught in 1988. This was a single season record until Chase Utley broke it in 2009, stealing 23 bases without being caught . . . ugh, that freaking guy. He ruins everything.  


Dale Thayer:
Jon Morosi of FOX Sports is reporting via Twitter, that the New York Mets have signed RHP Dale Thayer to a minor league contract. Thayer, 30, has parts of two major league seasons under his belt, both with the Tampa Bay Rays. He has appeared in just 12 games totaling 15.2 innings pitched in which he allowed 25 hits and 13 runs giving him a career 7.47 ERA and a 1.67 WHIP. In 204 Triple-A innings Thayer has a 2.84 ERA and 1.36 WHIP.   

Chris Capuano:

You could say Capuano is the anti-Ollie Perez. He’s a step ahead of Perez, who opted not to come to voluntary camp this week. “Chris has great action on his changeup; I just love how he moves the ball around,” said Thole, who arrived yesterday. “He uses his sinker to both sides of the plate. He’s a very precise guy; that helps. And I feel Citi Field is going to play to his advantage. He’s a fly-ball pitcher. He’s a guy that’s been there.”  


Pujois Deadline:
Albert Pujols is expected to report to spring training on Feb. 16, making that the deadline for his contract negotiations with the St. Louis Cardinals, sources told ESPN. Pujols and the Cardinals had been negotiating under the player’s original deadline of Feb. 19, the first day he was scheduled to arrive in training camp. After he begins spring training, Pujols does not want his agent, Dan Lozano, to discuss a contract with the Cardinals because he doesn’t want to have any distractions, a stance he has taken throughout his career.  


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