Q&A: – Pujois A Met? Really?

Christian Osmundsen asks:

Mack, do you think the Mets have a shot at Albert Pujols? If so, what happens to Ike Davis?


First of all, thank you for the question.

Normally, I would tell you that no team in the kind of turmoil the Mets are currently in would have any chance with a guy like this, but we’re talking someone who is looking for a $300mil deal, which means there are only so many teams that could even think of something like this.

We’ve talked many times of all the money coming off the books at the end of the 2011 season. If you add K-Rod to this, there will be plenty of money to pay Albert the kind of yearly salary he’s desires.

If this was to develop, and if the Mets felt confident about the probability of signing Pujois, I see the Mets shedding additional salary by trading Jose Reyes around the all-star break for 2-3 prospects either ready to break into the majors, or at the AA level.

Ike Davis would immediately go on the block and would command an even up trade for a front line player, probably not an infileder. I would think this would be a good move to acquire a young outfielder, a closer, or a middle rotation arm.

Your Mets infield in 2012 would be: 1B Albert Pujois, 2B Reese Havens, SS Ruben Tejada, 3B David Wright.

Jason Bay and Angel Pagan would return in the outfield, plus Fernando Martinez and who you would acquire for Davis.

Your yearly payroll is actually lower .. and you basically traded Davis and Reyes for Pujois and a young outfielder.

Would Pujois play for the Mets? Well. when the issue is singular and, in this case, it’s all moolah, it doesn’t matter to him where he plays.

Yes, there’s a good chance to build a brand new Mets team around Albert.


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