I May Be Wrong But… (Rustich conversation, Havens, Emaus, Pujois, New Mock)

1. www.projectprospect.com  has updated their top 100 prospect list and here are the current Mets listed:

Rk Player Pos Age Org Lvl Ceiling Floor Risk
42 Reese Havens 2B 24.3 NYM AA 6 (B) 2 (D+) Moderate
48 Matt Harvey RHP 21.9 NYM n/a 5 (B-) 2 (D+) Moderate
53 Fernando Martinez RF 22.3 NYM MLB 5 (B-) 1 (D) Mod.
83 Jenrry Mejia RHP 21.3 NYM MLB 4 (C+/C) 1 (D) Moderate
94 Brad Emaus 3B 24.9 NYM AAA 3 (C-) 2 (D+) Very low
100 Wilmer Flores SS 19.5 NYM A+ 4 (C+/C) 1 (D+) Moderate


Remember… 100 names on 30 teams makes 4 names per team above average. This is the first list I have seen in years that has at least 6 Mets listed in the top 100. Good sign.
Even Adam Rubin was impressed with how high Havens was ranked and Emaus continues to receive kudos from the prospect mavens.Flores was a last minute add after the original list mad a mistake on it.

2. I read this morning that talked between the St. Louis Cardinals and 1B Albert Pujois were not progressing well. Why in God’s name would the Cards jicky-jack about resigning this guy? Is there anyone in baseball more important to a team than Pujois? Let’s remember one thing when it comes to negotiations… most of it is legal posturing done by legal suits that are being paid by the hour.

3. www.deepleagues.com  had a new feature this week, the “Sleeper Prospects”. As they said: This list is designed to help people in really deep leagues find possibly undervalued players in the later rounds of dynasty drafts. It is tough to define a “sleeper,” but basically, the list contains many players with upside who were taken outside the first rounds of the 2010 draft and some other less-discussed prospects. The players, who are not really ranked in any particular order, should obviously be taken after “traditional” top prospects. These are just a few names, so definitely post in the comments section if you follow certain prospects (or systems) and know other possible sleepers. –

On the list was only one Met player, 2B Brad Emaus, who seems to be getting a lot of press lately. Might be a great pickup.


4. An updated mock draft from http://www.mymlbdraft.com/MLB-Mock-Draft-2011 :
#1 3B Anthony Rendon
#2 RHP Gerrit Cole
#3 LHP Matthew Purke
#4 – OF George Springer
#5 – RHP – Taylor Jungmann
#6 – RHP Sonny Gray
#7 – RHP Matt Barnes
#8 – OF Jackie Bradley
#9 – RHP Archie Bradley
#10 – LHP Daniel Norris
#11 – OF – Bubba Starling
#12 – RHP Dylan Bundy
#13 – LHP Danny Hultzen
#14 – RHP Trevor Bauer
#15 – LHP Henry Owens
#16 – SS Francisco Lindor
#17 – RHP Dillon Howard
#18 – C Blake Swihart
#19 – RHP Josh Stilson
#20 – 3B Jasob Esposito
#21 – OF Alex Dickerson
#22 – RHP Michael Kelly
#23 – RHP Alex Meyer
#24 – 2B Kolten Wong
#25 – SS – Christian Lopes
#26 – LHP Tyler Anderson
#27 – RHP Tony Zych
#28 – OF Mikie Mahtook
#29 – OF Josh Bell
#30 – RHP Austin Wood
#31 – RHP Anthony Meo
#32 – OF Brian Goodwin
#33 – RHP Tyler Beede

5. There’s been a considerable amount of Mets chatter online recently about the improvement of P Brant Rustich since his recent surgery. Some, like Ed Ryan and Adam Rubin are both speculating that he could someday replace K-Rod as the Mets closer. I reached out to Rusty and asked if he’s got an official indication from anyone in camp that his 2011 role, be it in Binghamton or Buffalo, will be as a closer…. 

                                      “I’m at the field so I’ll have to get back to you this afternoon. I’m pretty sure my role will be in relief. If I’m healthy and pitching like I’m capable there is no doubt I can be a closer at any level. So I think I’ll focus on being healthy and then pitching like I’m capable first. 🙂 My role will follow suit. I’m definitely excited this year. I have a lot to look forward to and work towards. It’s already a good feeling being back here with more of a purpose than before. It’s good knowing I’m fixed rather than hoping for some miracle like the years before. I like the aura from the guys here and from TC (Terry Collins). I think if the players can’t play for Terry, than you can’t play for anyone. I truly think New York has a lot more to be excited about than worrying about money issues. Just my take. Take it easy.”


2 Responses to I May Be Wrong But… (Rustich conversation, Havens, Emaus, Pujois, New Mock)

  1. stick says:

    were the injuries that caused him to miss so much time related to the nerve issue that he just had fixed? Or were there other problems that we should still be worried about?

    The guy threw pretty darned good without being able to feel the ball. He might be lights out now!

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