Cutnpaste: – Daniel Murphy, Brant Rustich, 2001 Draft, Jon Matlack, and Brad Emaus

Daniel Murphy:
The father of the baseball sabermetric movement, Bill James, advised in his 1988 Baseball Abstract: “Rightward shifts along the defensive spectrum almost never work.” Clearly baseball managers feel the same way, at least in the case of Mr. Murphy’s switch. Moving a first baseman to the middle infield hasn’t been attempted since Jackie Robinson did so in 1948, according to Stats Inc. Granted, that one worked out masterfully. But Robinson only played first base in his 1947 rookie season because Brooklyn’s Eddie Stanky was entrenched at second. Plus, Robinson was a Negro League All-Star shortstop. Only one other player since 1900 has tried the move.  

Brant Rustich:
2007 second-round pick Brant Rustich, a reliever from UCLA, may finally have persistent arm woes behind him. After visiting Dr. James Andrews in September, Rustich was sent to a Texas Rangers doctors, who referred him to a nerve specialist. Eventually, Rustich had an upper rib and muscle removed that was pressing on a nerve and creating numbness throughout his right arm. Rustich may not break camp with a minor league team, but he should not be that far behind. The issue was known as thoracic outlet syndrome.  

2001 Draft:
When it came to pitchers, RHP Preston Larrison (#9) was the hardest thrower who occasionally hit 97-98 MPH. RHP’s Mark Prior (#2) and Dewon Brazelton (#5) sat at 94 and could reach 96. RHP Josh Karp (#3) was just behind them. Mike Gosling (#10) and Jon Switzer (#14) were the hardest throwing southpaws and Gosling had good late life with a low 90’s fastball. Both Karp and Prior were praised for their breaking balls that were both big league strikeout pitches and Aaron Heilman had the best slider in the nation. Lenny DiNardo was praised for throwing both breaking balls for strikes and his ability to command them .  

Jon Matlack:
There surely must have been a support group for pitchers like Jon Matlack. Come to think of it, the original group could have been founded by the 1976 New York Mets starting rotation. Matlack, Tom Seaver Jerry Koosman, Mickey Lolich and Craig Swan — five hurlers — each pitched their heart out in 1976. On paper, no major league team was better. The Mets team ERA was the lowest in baseball (2.94). Still, the Mets finished 86-76 in third place in the National League East, 15 games behind the Philadelphia Phillies.  

Brad Emaus:
Brad Emaus is a 24 y/o right hander, he has 266 minor league games at 2B and 128 games at 3B ( 2gms. – 1B). In 4 seasons he’s a lifetime .276 BA, .364 OBP and a .426 Slg. pct. Last season he advanced to AAA where he played in 87 games ( 76 gms at 3B) hitting .298/.395/.495, which many have discounted those numbers because Las Vegas is so hitter friendly.  


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