I May Be Wrong But…

1. I have to tell you that I am very disappointed that there was only six total Mets in camp until yesterday, when Daniel Murphy arrived. This was a great opportunity for AA/AAA players that wanted to make the right impression on the new Mets manager to hop in their car and get their winter arse down there. Your bad, guys.

2.Hats off to Tobi Stoner, Brad Holt, and Scott Moviel for being there. All have definite reasons to be there early to show management that they are committed to 2011. Stoner is coming off injury while Holt and Moviel both need to come out of the box in a big way.

3. I won’t be there this year for the pitchers/catchers, so it’s going to be a challenge to report what will be going on down there. I do have some people who are “inside the gate” and I’ll attempt bring you what I hear without putting them in a bad position.

4. My curiosity right now is when will King Ollie arrives. As best as I can tell, he’s still in Mexico and fully stretched out as a potential Mets rotational pitcher. Let me tell you, that dude that did the James Brown imitation on American Idol has a better chance to accomplish that goal. I remember his arrival last year. He was given a locker in the minor league clubhouse away from everyone else and no one said anything to him before he hit the field for his first workout. Well, I shouldn’t say no one. I leaned against the closed locker next to him and we shot the shit for a few minutes, not discussing the task at hand. Last year was bad. This year will be classic.

5. Congrats to Brant Rustich who popped the question to Erica Bender and the girl actually said yes. All of this happened at Disney World, which is pretty close to St. Lucie. Way to go, guys.

6. Everybody should stop writing about when or if both Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo should be cut from the roster. Look, everybody knows that no one on the Mets reads any of this blog shit so can it. Also, even if they did read it, the Mets will decide what’s best for the team in 2011. It’s no longer the money since the players get it either way. If there is a better player that can play second base, Castillo will be gone, and the same goes for rotational pitcher Perez. In this case, don’t follow the money anymore.

7. I had the flu this week, so I’ve spent most of the time reading the Madoff lawsuit and watching the mess in Egypt… and you know, I’m not sure who should be the first one overthrown. The last think I would want to do is bad mouth the hand that feeds me… and I’ve been on both sides of a couple of lawsuits so I know how all this rhetoric works… but… if this stuff is true… well, you and I have been rooting for team owned by some real scum bags. I don’t see how the Commissioner doesn’t step in and force a sale of this team.


2 Responses to I May Be Wrong But…

  1. CCY says:

    >> if this stuff is true… well, you and I have been rooting for team owned by some real scum bags. >>

    I have to ask, Mack, WHICH stuff? I find it hard to believe Fred W. knew his 200 some accounts with Madoff were all non-existant, ponzi-phantom deposits. Worst case, he suspected some financial shenanigans given the yield (Organized crime? The CIA?) and chose to close his eyes—you know him better than I.

    Wilpon/Katz will have to return all their withdrawals (whether “interest” or principal) to the kitty for dispersal among the cheated, many closer personal friends of Bernie than the W’s, who lost everything not just a super-prime rate bank account. But as I read the suit, Picard claims since the Sterling withdrawals were used in their various businesses (Mets, SNY, real estate, etc.), any profits from those can be reclaimed too. That’s a bit over the top IMO—unless they were really part of the basic ponzi scheme. You really think so?

    So Steve Wynne buys the Mets & Wright, Reyes, Davis & Mejia are winning pennants for the Las Vegas Jackpots… and I’ll be longing for the Brooklyn guys.

    • Mack Ade says:

      yeah, Hobie, there is no way of knowing at this point what is true or what is not… all I was saying is, on the surface, the Wilpons are not the kind of people I wish owned the team I root for and wrote about.

      Look, I root for the Giants, and maybe the Mara’s were no saints, but I didn’t know every detail of their lives.

      I’m just sick of this whole lawsuit shit, that”s all.

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