Cutnpaste: – SNY, Madoff, Lenny Randle, Albert, and Sale Of The Mets


Officially, the Wilpon family’s roughly two-thirds stake in SportsNet New York is not for sale. Unofficially, experts following the Wilpons’ exploration into selling a piece of the Mets believe it will be difficult to get top dollar without including the profitable regional sports network , or perhaps an interest in Citi Field . “There is no chance I would buy into the Mets without SNY – none, zero, zip – it just wouldn’t happen,” said Michael Cramer , formerly president and minority owner of the Texas Rangers and currently director of the Texas Program in Sports and Media at the University of Texas . What is not clear is whether Sterling Entertainment Enterprises can sell part of its stake in SNY without giving first crack to the two cable giants that are minority shareholders, or without answering to lenders who could be first in line for any proceeds  


“I remember vividly Madoff’s name being brought up a lot when” the team “would negotiate contracts, particularly with deferments,” said the former executive, who would not be identified because he did not want to harm his career in baseball. “That money would be turned over to Madoff. “And as part of friends and family of the Mets, they offered people the opportunity to invest in Bernie. There was talk about Bernie averaging like 15 percent for the Wilpons. It just seemed too good to be true, but then you think the owner has vetted it.”  

Lenny Randle:

A switch-hitter with speed and an ability to get on base, Randle was an up-and-coming star who the Mets were able to wrangle away from the Texas Rangers for a song (actually, less than a song — futility infielder Rick Auerbach). How did the Mets steal this former #1 pick? Easy — no one else wanted him after he belted his Rangers manager Frank Lucchesi during batting practice one day and pummeled the 49-year-old to the point where he required reconstructive surgery to his face. Randle was charged with aggravated battery — that’s a felony, folks — and faced a possible prison sentence. So naturally, the Mets were only too happy to take him off the Rangers’ hands and sign him to a 5-year, $400,000 contract; then-owner M. Donald Grant even offered Lucchesi $10,000 to forget the whole matter (Lucchesi declined).  

Albert Pujois:

According to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, sources close to Albert Pujols are saying that the slugger has grown disappointed at the slow pace of long-term contract negotiations with the Cardinals. We’re a little disappointed, too, to be honest. Or, at least frustrated. The two sides got to talking about a new extension over a month ago and they probably already know where each other stand. The Cardinals are either going to hand over one of the richest contracts in the history of professional sports, or they’re going to allow Pujols to test the free agent waters next winter.  

Sale Of The Mets:

Picard’s lawsuit was filed under seal to give the bankruptcy trustee and the Mets owners the ability to negotiate a settlement. But in a letter to federal bankruptcy Judge Burton Lifland yesterday, Picard’s lawyers wrote, “Settlement negotiations with [the Mets owners] have ended.” A source who knows Wilpon said, “I’m sure Picard wants a big settlement now, and Fred just doesn’t have the money. “This will devolve into a full sale of the team,” the source predicted.  


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