Cutnpaste: – Forbes on Mets, Lastings Milledge, Zach Lutz, Nick Carr

Forbes on Mets:

Thus if he needs to get a lot of cash from his sports assets Wilpon will have to unload his 60% stake in SportsNet NewYork, the regional sports network in which Comcast and Time Warner are also investors. The team’s 60% stake in SNY could fetch about $1.3 billion (the price would be substantially higher if it were not for $239 million in dividends the owners of SNY paid themselves with borrowed funds) and has proportionally $270 million of debt, giving the team’s stake a book value of $1,230 million. After netting out the negative book value of $225 million from the franchise and Citi Field, selling SNY could leave Wilpon with $1 billion.  


The Chicago White Sox signed outfielder Lastings Milledge to a minor-league contract Thursday, a move that could prove beneficial to both parties. Milledge is younger than some previous White Sox gambles, like Andruw Jones, Ken Griffey Jr. and Manny Ramirez. But even though Milledge is still only 25, he, too, is at a crossroads. He was the Mets’ first selection and 12th overall pick in the 2003 draft. But attitude problems and a lack of production on the field led the Mets to trade him to the Nationals after the 2007 season in a deal that netted them catcher Brian Schneider and outfielder Ryan Church. Washington sent him to Pittsburgh in 2009.  

Zach Lutz:

At the rate that Wilmer Flores is moving (and growing), it’s becoming increasingly evident that he’s not the Mets long-term answer at shortstop, and it’s looking more and more likely that he slides over to third base. Unfortunately, the Mets have David Wright there. Wright and Flores both manning the same position means that there’s pretty much a snowball’s chance in you-know-what that Lutz will be anything other than a utility guy with New York. He could use a change of scenery.

Nick Carr:

Drafted out of high school way back in ’05, Carr pitched to so-so results until he saw his velocity jump after switching to relief full-time in ’09. Unfortunately, like Ryan Fraser his fastball is straight, his sharp slider is highly inconsistent, his change-up is sub-par and he too features spotty overall command. What’s more, Carr required TJ surgery in ’09 but the good news is that after returning in 2010 he flashed velocities in the upper 90’s out in the Arizona Fall League. Carr could move fast if he ever learns to consistently throw strikes but as of now he’s more a thrower than a pitcher. Exhibit A: The Mets left him eligible for the Rule 5 in December and he went undrafted. Watch his fastball here.  


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