I May Be Wrong, But… Steve Phillips, Kai Gronauer, Jeurys Familia, Bobby Malek, Frank Viola, John Maine, Angel Pagan

1. It seems there are plenty of rich people that want to become a minority owner of the New York Mets. First, there was that guy from Long Island whose name escapes me. Now, an African-American group headed by Martin Luther King III, says they want up to 50%. Sort of ironic for a team that doesn’t have one African-American on their 25-man squad.

2. Could we just ignore anything Steve Phillips says about the New York Mets? I take that back. Can we just ignore anything Steve Phillips says about anything.

3. I asked catcher Kai Gronauer, who was invited to join the Mets’ spring training squad, how it felt: “Great Mack. I could not be any happier and cannot wait until Spring Training starts.” I jokingly reminded him that Josh Thole can fill him in on who’s shoes need to be shined first.

4. Also spoke with SP Jeurys Familia today and he is definitely ready for the season to start. All this kid has to do is get his control worked out and he could wind up a better pitcher than Jenrry Mejia. Remember this name.

5. I’m thrilled that the Mets have added two more ex-Mets, Bobby Malek and Frank Viola, to their minor league coaching staff. I’ve said for years how disappointed I have been that more ex-Mets were not part of the Mets family anymore. And, I’m not talking just about coaches. Why aren’t more of the old guys at spring training, welcoming the team back? Where’s Jerry Koosman, Jon Matlack, and guys like Ed Charles, who is an inspiration to all of us? Adding Tim Tuefel, Wally Backman, and Mookie Wilson were a good start, but it looks like Sandy Alderson and Co. are adding more ex-Mets to the fold. It’s simply great.

6. John Maine told Adam Rubin that he felt great. Do you know how many people at different times over the years that John Maine has told people he felt great?

7. Signing Angel Pagan to a one year contract for $3.5 seems like a great deal for the Mets. Pagan has proven in the past two years that he is worth every penny and the team could use as much stability as they can find in 2011. The Mets still feel that any combination of Fernando Martinez, Lucas Duda, or Kirk Nieuwenhuis could wind up in the starting Queens outfield.


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