Q and A: – Daniel Murphy


pic by Mack Ade


Tim Kinnie posted on your Wall.   

Tim wrote:

“Mack, I’m a big fan of Dan Murphy and I think he brings a certain grittyness to the team along with being a clutch hitter. Do you feel he has a real shot at winning the second base job or is he destined to be our super utility guy and outstanding pinch hitter? If not Murph, who is your frontrunner?”


Tim, I really do (btw… never call him Dan… he goes by Daniel).

The important thing to remember is the fact that he has  already won two starting jobs in the past, right field in 2009, and first base in 2010. That’s how much the Mets loved his bat.

The “wild card” here is the fact that all the powers to be now are new people. Is there anyone currently on the brass-team that would consider doing something as stupid as making a player play left field, as a major leaguer, without any previous experience?

Sandy and Co.seems a lot more grounded than Omar and Co. This probably means that Murphy needs to have a killer ST defensively at second base, while, at the same time, show off his bat.

The “kiss of death” might have been recent comments by Terry Collins about playing Murph at both first base and third this spring. It looks like the new manager has already pigeon-holed Daniel into a future utility role.

I only hope they don’t muddle up everything by giving valuable game time to Luis Castillo. I’ve always been a big fan of Castillo, but it’s time to cut fish and move on to the future.

The real good news is second base is looking better. Reports are that Reese Havens is healthy again, and his ceiling is far higher than Murphy. Both have Dan Uggla-type production potential, which has been missing since Fonzie went south.




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