I May Be Wrong, But… Adam Rubin, Toby Hyde, Brad Holt, Jeff Francoeur, David Rubin, Ed Ryan, Tyler Florence, Jason Pridie, Tobi Stoner

1. Both Adam Rubin and Toby Hyde have written about SP Brad Holt this week. Look, when you’re one of the few guys that show up at the opening day of a camp, you get written about. Holt wants us to believe that he had no idea why he pitched badly last season. I want to believe that, but I’ve had multiple conversations with different observers and the simply fact is he lost his command. The good news is he can still throw a 91-mph heater to the low end of the strike zone, which, as Toby writes, translates to a 95-mph fastball thrown straight and chest high. Put a little last minute movement on that and it goes up to 97. Just ask Johan Santana or Mario Rivera.

2. Look, I loved the acquisition of OF Jeff Francoeur and there was no one more rah-rah in the clubhouse than Frenchy, but it’s not the Mets fault that he swung at everything thrown his way. Jeff needs to learn a lesson from Nelson Figueroa and it would be in his best interest to not knock any team (or any of their fields) that paid him good money to throw a baseball around. My brother-in-law has a very sick three week old but still have to go to his job every day to shovel out the Long Island school system. That’s a job.

3. One of Mack’s Mets writers, David Rubin, has returned to http://metsfever.blogspot.com/ to write about the Mets. Please check him out over there and welcome him back with Ed Ryan.

4. Many of the younger members of the Mets organization are working out in the Dominican complex this week, awaiting their reporting date for Florida. They include:  P Jeurys Familia, P  Jenrry Mejia, 1B Alexander Sanchez, 2B Sneider Batisa, SS Randolf Santana, 3B Aderlin Rodriquez, C Hector Alvarez, OF Julio Concepcion, and OF Thomas De Wolf.

5. Tyler Florence has started a brand new Mets blog… give it a look see at:  http://moneyballmets.blogspot.com/

6. OF Jason Pridie and SP Tobi Stoner, who were both DFA’d after being removed from the 40-man squad, cleared waivers and have returned to the Buffalo lineup. IMO, Stoner will light a candle every night, hoping Dillon Gee remains on the Queens squad come April 1st, while Pridie has a long road uphill trying to win a roster slot against F-Mart, Scott Hairston, Lucas Duda (who will also play 1B), local favorite Val Pasccuchi, DJ Wabick, Captain Kirk, and Brahiam Maldonado.


2 Responses to I May Be Wrong, But… Adam Rubin, Toby Hyde, Brad Holt, Jeff Francoeur, David Rubin, Ed Ryan, Tyler Florence, Jason Pridie, Tobi Stoner

  1. srt says:

    Regarding your #5 above:
    I wanted to leave a comment on Tyler’s blog concerning the Reyes post but I don’t see any option to actually comment on any story on that site.

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