Anthony Rendon to Be Picked By Pirates as No. 1

There are unconfirmed reports that Rice 3B Anthony Rendon, as expected, will be chosen by the Pittsburgh Pirates as the number one pick in the 2001 draft. Of course this is no surprise, but, if true, it does allow us to begin to try to figure out who will be available when the Mets pick 13th.

Here’s the order of the top 15 picks:

2011 MLB Draft Order (First Round)

1. Pittsburgh Pirates –  (Rendon)

2. Seattle Mariners

3. Arizona Diamondbacks

4. Baltimore Orioles

5. Kansas City Royals

6. Washington Nationals

7. Arizona Diamondbacks

8. Cleveland Indians

9. Chicago Cubs

10. San Diego Padres

11. Houston Astros

12. Milwaukee Brewers

13. New York Mets

14. Florida Marlins

15. Milwaukee Brewers

There are some sure fired prospects that will be long gone by the time the Mets pick comes around. They are:  LHP Matt Purke, LHP Daniel Morris, RHP Gerrit Cole, and OF George Springer. In addition, RHP Austin Wood, RHP Jose Fernandez, OF Brian Goodwin, and OF Bubba Starling are soaring up the charts and should also be gone. Lastly, it would be a big surprise if RHP Taylor Jungmann is still around when the 13th pick comes around.

That’s a total of 10 picks gone.

Top candidates left consider every second baseman, shortstop, relief pitcher, catcher, and first baseman available in the draft.

Here’s ten names to write down and get to know before the draft:

RHP – Sonny Gray – Gray started this year as a top five pick, but is quietly dropping behind others that had great summer seasons. He would be considered a steal if the Mets picked him.

RHP – Archie Bradley –  Bradley should be the best available on paper when the Mets pick comes around. We’ll just have to wait to see if Sandy out-Matz’s Omar with a wild card.

C – Blake Swihart – yes, he’s a high school catcher, and no one likes to draft a high school catcher, but this kid is special. There will be higher ranked players available, but the Mets are really lean in organizational catchers these days.

2B/OF – Kolton Wong – Wong has ben considered an outfielder early on in the mock draft process, but he really is a second baseman with a great bat.

C – Peter O’Brien – considered by just about every expert as the top college catcher in the draft.

SS – Francisco Linder – considered a can’t miss shortstop, if that’s what the mets want come 2014.

3B/SS – Jason Esposito – His team can’t seem to figure out where to play him, but I have him as the second best third baseman behind Rendon.

OF – Jackie Bradley Jr. – the Mets would be dancing in the halls in JBJ wasn’t picked, but don’t hold your breath. The South Carolinian is one big time outfield prospect,

OF/3B Travis Harrison – Harrison is a major bat that can play both corner outfield positions and third base. This was the kid that broke Bryce Harper’s 500+ foot homer run shot.

RHP Matt Barnes – Barnes is only falling in the draft because guys like Wood and Goodwin are moving up. He’s your typical Mike Pelfrey clone (6-4 RHP) that would really add to the basketball team Pelfrey-Young-Harvey.


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