2011 New Mets – Some Thoughts

Pitchers – DJ Carrasco (33), Blaine Boyer (29), Boof Bonsor (29),  Taylor Buckholz (30), Tim Byrdak (37), Taylor Tankersley (27), Ricky Brooks (26), Pedro Beato (24), Chris Capuano (33), Chris Young (31), Pedro Beato (24), Ronny Moria (22)

Catchers: –   Raul Chavez (37), Ronny Paulino (29), Dusty Ryan (26)

Infield: – Chin-lung Hu (27), Brad Emaus (25)

Outfield: – Willie Harris (32), Scott Hairston (30), Quintin Berry (26)

1. First of all, if you’re looking for someone who, when they move on, will some day bring supplemental first round picks, you’re barking up the wrong free agent list. This is strictly bargain basement stuff, usually reserved for teams with payrolls under $60K.

2. The Mets, like many teams, do this every year, but did you notice the reduction of Hispanic surnames this time around?

3. There are still no African-American players on the 25-man.

4. Omar used to like to sign players that were once first round picks that never panned out. I guess he thought his staff could turn around at least one of them, which they didn’t. Sandy seems to like players a couple of pegs up. A fair amount of the players listed above have already excelled in the majors, even reaching all-star status, before being brought back to earth due to injuries.

5. All of these fall into the “ya never know” category; however, I’m reminded of last spring training when two or three of us were clicking (do digital cameras click?) off shots on the first day pitchers and catchers reported. We were sort of laughing at this funny looking bearded guy down the end of the line with the bad mechanics. None of us wasted any time taking his picture because we all voted him the first cut in camp. His name is R.A. Dickey.


One Response to 2011 New Mets – Some Thoughts

  1. CCY says:

    Killer B’s: Boyer, Bonser, Bucholz, Byrdak, Brooks, TWO Beatos :-), Berry & Brad (E).

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