Q&A – Does Jose Reyes Have a Future With The Mets

Harry asked: First of all, good luck on the switch. Long term reader who will always follow you.

Mack, what’s the story with the Mets and Jose?

Mack: Great first question for the site.

Look, no one loves supplemental first round draft picks more than me, but championship teams only have so many top all-star type players and Reyes is one of them.

He also is injury free, highly motivated, and still young.

“If I was Sandy…”. I would sign this guy and David Wright through the 2015 season. There are plenty of good prospect shortstops in the Mets system (Ruben Tejada, Jordany Valdespin, Wilmer Flores, Rylan Sandoval, Robbie Shields, Wilfredo Tovar), but none of them bring to the table what Jose brings.

Terry Collins has to suck his kneecaps, but that’s okay. Sleep better at night by signing up your all-star left side of the infield for the next four years and move on to other areas that need your attention.

New manager or old manager… this is the Wright/Reyes Mets era.


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